Thursday, June 5, 2014

Random Thursday: My Summer TV Lineup...

This week's topic is one that's pretty easy for me. Lin, Katrin and I want to hear all about...

I'm a bit pressed for time this week, so let me just run through a couple of shows:**see-schedule-op**-63113135/

There are others - Rizzoli & Isles, Unforgettable, Perception.... but yeah. That's my summer TV lineup. What about you guys? What're you going to be watching when you should be outside getting some fresh air?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Random Thursday: Things I Love About My BFF...

This week's topic is one that's pretty easy for me. Lin, Katrin and I want to hear all about...

Well, for starters, let me say that I've pretty much got the best BFF in the world. So you guys can go ahead and prepare to be jealous now. First of all, a couple of reasons that don't really work in GIFs:

She's basically the most selfless person I've ever met. I won't go into details about why, because I don't know how personal she would be comfortable with me getting, but here's just one example: When she shops on Amazon, she only buys stuff for her dog. AMAZON IS FULL OF BOOKS AND MOVIES AND AWESOME AND SHE GETS STUFF FOR THE DOG. I'm pretty sure that furry little cutie dresses better than me.

She and her hubby drove me all over Vegas on an epic mission to find a Barnes & Noble. Which took hours, and was very confusing and at times a bit scary because it was my first experience with Onstar and honestly I don't think they know what they're talking about. But she got me there because she said she would. That's what she's like - if she makes a promise, you can bet your ass she'll find a way to come through.

And, of course, there's the fact that we became best friends without ever having met. 

(Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out by now, my amazingly, epically awesome BFF is Lin!)

And now for the many, many GIFs to illustrate Lin's awesomeness (warning: this is going to be long, and because I'm currently embroiled in a Grey's Anatomy re-watch, and because the Cristina/Meredith friendship is eerily familiar, they're GA GIFs):

She is totally fine with me saying things that most 
people would be very offended by.

She enjoys grumpy.

She gives great pep talks when I need them.

She hates people as much as I do.

She agrees that emotions are uncomfortable and 
unpleasant and that there should be a pill to make
 them go away.

She doesn't mince words.

She will comiserate with me for hours about how life is 
confusing, exhausting, and generally makes no sense.

  We both love food. Particularly pizza.

 She's hilarious. But you guys already know that.

She puts up with me, even when I'm annoying.

She loves to talk trash and judge people.

 We both get that life often requires alcohol. A lot of alcohol.

Her hubby and I get along too and are not above being in 
cahoots if it's for a greater cause, i.e. making Lin happy.

We both have issues.

Pessimism is great for bonding.

She sends me these amazing care packages with 
these delicious mini cookies... I dream about 
those cookies.

She also has an inappropriate sense of humour.

 She lets me complain to her. For hours. Days, in fact.

There are about 20,000+ other things I love about her, but you get the idea. Basically:

So how about you guys? What makes your BFF the very best ever?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Random Thursday: Things That Brighten A Yucky Day...

This week's topic is one that's pretty easy for me. Lin, Katrin and I want you to think about a very bad, no good day, and tell us what you do if you're having one!

Well, I have a fair number of these. Public transit. It's a bitch. So here are a few things that help me out:

1. Beer
2. More beer
3. Hanging out with J.
4. Watching new or old favourite shows on TV
5. Curling up in bed with a really good book
6. Cuddling my cats
7. Warm socks
8. Tea
9. A fire in the fireplace
10. Christmas lights (or any nice, cosy lighting)

Okay, that's it for me - what about you guys?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Random Thursday: My Favourite Thing About Moms...

This week's RT topic with Lin, Katrin is all about a special person in everyone's lives - moms. This Sunday is Mother's Day (you're welcome for the reminder if you'd forgotten), so it's time to throw a little appreciation at the person who gave you life.

Moms aren't perfect - they're people after all. But even if all they did was get through pregnancy and give birth, doesn't even that require a bit of respect? I think so. But let's face it. Most moms do a helluva lot more than that. They cook, they clean, they clean up the house and fix boo boos. (Dads do this too, of course - but their day isn't for another month, so stop grumbling!)

But I think my favourite thing about moms is how they make you feel safe. I know that even as an adult, there have been times when I craved the feeling I got when I was a kid and I felt sick or was hurt and my mom tucked me into bed with a cup of tea and I just knew everything was going to be alright. (Now when I get sick I have to make my own tea, and that pretty much sucks.)

So let's show some appreciation to all the moms out there who do everything they can to make the world feel like a good place for their kids. And for putting up with all the crap we put them through, because let's face it, none of us were angels!

At the end of the day, all moms are superheroes in my book.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Random Thursday: Zombie Apocalypse - 5 Things In My Favour...

This week's RT topic with Lin, Katrin and I is not for the squeamish:

Inline image 2

I would not do well in a zombie apocalypse. Let's just say that up front. However I do have a few things going for me.

1. I've watched a LOT of Walking Dead. And while watching it, I watched Daryl very, very carefully. And I'd say at least 2.5% of that time I was paying attention to how he killed stuff.

2. I might not be great at fighting, but I can hide like a champ. And I like explosives.

3. Lin, Rusty and I have worked out a plan. The plan is they work their way north to Canada, toting all the guns they own and pick up in America (aka the land of many weapons) and they protect us while I... I dunno. Mix the drinks or something.

4. I have three cats who do not like strangers, even when they're NOT dead and dripping foul-smelling goo everywhere. Also I might not be great at standing up for myself, but if someone I care about is in danger, I go all rabid moma bear.  Do NOT mess with my peeps.

5. I did go to a shooting range. Once. And I hit the target. Take that, zombie assholes. You're going DOWN. (Possibly. Once I remember how to load the gun. And aim.)

 (Oh, and sidebar - here's Norman Reedus when he was learning to use the crossbow. So I feel a bit better now.)

 Realistically though, I'd last about 5 minutes.

What about you guys? Would you be a survivor or zombie bait?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Random Thursday: Favourite Easter Traditions....

This week's RT topic with Lin, Katrin and I is all about...

Favourite Easter Traditions.

I don't know much about Easter, being from a non-religious background. So here's what I do know:

1. Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Goddamn these things are delicious.

2. Pace Eggs

We used to make these (without the pretty flower) by boiling eggs with onion skins. Super pretty designs to fancy up breakfast a little bit!

3. Easter hunt

I loved these when I was a kid. It's like a treasure hunt, only one you can actually find the treasure!


Come on, say it with me. "AAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!!" Yeah. That's right. Your turn!

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