Thursday, September 26, 2013

Random Thursday: My Fave Store to Shop At Is...

Sorry this is going up kinda late - I got drops in my eyes yesterday and was so busy writhing in pain as any light source in the vicinity tried to stab me in the retinas that I completely forgot to publish this post. The today I've been busy trying to save this adorable puppy (hint, hint). My bad. Here's this week's topic with Lin, Meg, and myself:

Well this one is just too easy. I'm a book fiend. I need a regular fix or I get hella cranky.

So my fave places to throw down some dough are Pulp Fiction books (for used books):

Or Chapters if I want to check out new arrivals:

I'm also pretty fond of this place: 

 That's it for me! Now let us know where you like to spend some time browsing!

SOS - Please Help Find A Home for Piper!

You guys know I'm a big softy when it comes to animals. I've totally fallen in love with this puppy, a 6 month old Pointer mix called Piper. The problem is that I already have three pets (though I'm only supposed to have one) and they don't get along well. (One has an anxiety disorder and doesn't do well with new people or animals.) So I can't give her a home.

I'm hoping that's where you guys can help. She is currently at a kill shelter in Georgia and has been put on the kill list for tomorrow morning. However, she is up for adoption, and transport can be arranged anywhere in the USA or Canada. One of my friends just adopted a dog from this shelter and had it brought up to Canada for about $100, so it's really not hard to do!

The shelter takes donations through Fundrazr to cover vet bills, and this girl's donations are currently at $250, so transport might be the only cost associated with adopting her. And if you live closer than Canada, it might cost next to nothing.

Just look at that face! How could you not love her?

If you or anyone you know has room in their hearts and homes for a furry friend, please pass this message on!

Piper is #134574 at Clayton County Animal Control at 1396 Government Circle Jonesboro, GA 30236. For more info you can go here or here, or for help with rescue coordination, please email,, or

You can donate to her fund on Fundrazr here. Every little bit helps! The fund pays off her vet bills, so the more there is in it, the less the adopter has to pay. Which makes her more likely to get adopted! So please - donate whatever you can spare. Even $5 could save her life!

If you'd like to see other dogs who desperately need help, visit the Clayton County Animal Control Facebook Page.

Thanks for taking the time to help Piper (and her furry friends)!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Random Thursday: One Bad Habit I Just Can't Break...

Lin, Meg, and I are back! Sorry for all the RT drama lately, but we're back on track, and hopefully you're all still with us! Thanks oodles for being so patient with our disorganized asses. So without further ado, let's get right to it with this week's topic!

Oh man. Trust me to pick such a tough one! Okay, fine. Dish time. If I had to pick just one, I'd have to go with TV. I tried to count how many shows I try to keep up with in a given week, and had to give up when I got to 20. I know, a lot, right? Some of them I watch with J., others I catch up on while I'm blogging or in transit. So it's not like I spend all those hours on the couch, but still.... I could be reading the news or a good book during that wasted time! I am a bonafide TV junkie, particularly around this time of year. My fave shows are all starting up again - along with some new discoveries!

And that's just a few of them! For a longer list and to see photo sources, go here. Now it's your turn. What are you addicted to? Chocolate? Shopping? Spill!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to be a Vancouverite.

As some of you may know from my many references to rain, I live in Vancouver. Yup, west coast kid through and through. Now, I know that a bunch of you (*ahem* Lin *ahem*) haven't ever been this far north and have no idea what real rain feels like, let alone any of this other stuff. So if you wanna know what life is like northwest of the border, if you're considering a visit (or a move) to Vancouver or if you're just curious, this is most of the stuff you need to know. Except this stuff:
  • Nobody says "Vangcouver." 
  • We hate the new transit system, called Compass. We hate transit in general. 
  • We are also known as Hollywood North, and celebrity-hunting is becoming a legit passtime. (For example, I can tell you that George Clooney is currently somewhere in town.)
  • No one from here knows how to drive in the snow. 
  • We do have real cougars. You know, the animals. Fur. Sharp claws. Teeth. Bears, too. 
  • There's a mountain trail called the Grouse Grind that takes an hour or so to run if you're in good shape. People climb it for fun. 
  • Most of us are really ashamed of the game 7 riot. But that fairweather Canuck fan thing is sadly true. 
  • Wreck beach is also an important one to know - it's the naked beach. 
  • We are addicted to Starbucks, but we all talk about how much we hate it and what a rip off it is. All. The. Time. 
  • We know the difference between vegan and vegetarian. 
  • Men also wear yoga pants. 
Still wanna visit? Pack an umbrella.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Time for Something a Little Bit Different...

Okay, so it doesn't have that awesome plastic wrap for you to peel off, but it is new. A new blog, that is. That's right ladies and possibly the odd gent, I've embarked on a shiny new writing endeavour with our favourite blogger, the inimitable Lin! We decided we were a bit bored of blogging solo, and that we might just have more fun if we blogged as a duo. Don't worry, we're still keeping our own blogs going, but we're adding a new, funny one. So if you need a laugh, like new things or are just morbidly and unabashedly curious, head over and check out L and M.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Thursday Update

As some of you guys have probably noticed, we've hit a bit of a snag with Random Thursday for the past few weeks. If you follow Lin's blog, you'll likely know that she's crazy busy in RL at the moment, which has left her with a lot less time for her blog. The past couple of weeks she's been doing her crazy new job and training someone for her old one - so basically doing two jobs.

Since Lin is our fearless leader and general RT goddess, she's typically been the one who has organized weekly emails (along with making buttons, Tweeting, creating the link-up... basically girl does it all), without her taking the lead we've dropped the ball a couple of times. Not only that, but I've been traveling (yay!) and stupid busy with one of the three major work events I have to do throughout the year (boo!) so I haven't had much more free time than she has to step in and take over.

All I can say is sorry to each and every one of you guys for the lack of communication on the RT front! We're currently in transition so that we can pick up some of the slack for Lin while she's buried up to her eyeballs in stupid work, so I hope to get some emails scheduled to resume ASAP. In the meantime, please check our blogs if you'd like to link up with us - RT is still happening, and we do have a ton of topics scheduled for you guys!

Thanks for being patient with our disorganized asses!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Random Thursday: I Will One Day...

Lin, Meg, and myself have a "dream big" topic for you guys this week. After watching a woman in her 60s complete a 177 km swim from Cuba to Florida, I guess you could say we're feeling a li'l inspired. So we want you guys to take a few minutes and think about what your big goal(s) are for your life. The sky's the limit. Now tell us:

I Will One Day....

There are so many things I want to do. But after thinking about it for awhile, here are the big ones on my list.

1. Write a Book

Preferably co-authored with Lin, cos let's face it, girl if fuckin' awesome.

2. Get in Shape

Yeah, I know it's boring, I know everyone says it. But I don't care, it's going on the list. I want to feel like myself again and feel strong. And yeah, dropping a size or two wouldn't be a bad thing. But mostly I want to feel like my body can do whatever I ask of it.

3. Have a Tidy, Pretty Home

Right now we've got a great place, but no money to decorate and furnish it. One day I want to have every room set up so it's comfortable to spend time in, has everything we need, and just feels like home. It's a work in progress.

4. Have a dog! 

I love my cats, and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. But someday I'd like to add a puppy to the mix - I'd love to have a pet I could take out for walks and play with. I tried teaching the cats fetch, but it didn't work out very well.

There are tons of other things I plan to do - go back to school, learn to code a website, read at least a quarter of the books I buy, remember to floss every day, learn to knit a sweater, learn to cook a better variety of meals, go to Ireland.... The list is never-ending, so I'll stop there!

Join us and link up below!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Thursday: My Fall TV Line-Up...(+2 more)

So this week's RT post is a 3-in-1. Y'all might have noticed my absence (at least, I hope you did) for the past two - I fully intended to pre-write them, but didn't have time before I went on vacation! So I'm making up for it by doing them now, along with this week's topic from Lin, Meg, and myself, which is:

My Fall TV Line-Up...

And because it's fun to be an asshole sometimes, I'm putting this week's alllllll the way at the bottom so you have to read the old ones to get to it. Yep, I'm a sadist. Hopefully you're dealing with some spare time!

Probably predictably, if you know me, this would be pretty much any book store. But Pulp Fiction on Main Street is probably my favourite. It's got a great selection of books, both new and used, a section of "new arrivals" so if you're like me and go there a lot you can just hit up what you haven't seen yet, and on sunny Friday afternoons the guys working there hang around chatting and drinking beer. The only thing that would make it better would be if they offered me one.

Here's what it looks like:
 Check them out online here.

Obviously I'm dying for season 3 of Sherlock to air. But there's another show coming up that I'm nearly as excited for:

It's based on a book (which I'm now reading) by Thomas Maier and I imagine it will be sort of like the movie Kinsey with Liam Neeson and Laura Linney. Which I loved. I'm fascinated by the topic - but also by how the pioneers in the field of sexology ended up studying the topic, particularly Virginia. Set in the 1940s, this is not a topic that was as openly discussed as it is today, nor was it something a "lady" was supposed to have an interest in, let alone a public one. On top of all that, I do like Michael Sheen (when he's not a vampire), so I'm hoping the acting will be top-notch.

And finally, on to this weeks (related) topic:

My Fall TV Line-Up...

Aside from this I'm looking forward to the return of many of my faves:


Big Bang Theory 


Criminal Minds 


Blue Bloods


Sons of Anarchy


I'll also probably catch bits here and there of Once Upon A Time, Chicago Fire, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, The Carrie Diaries, The Mentalist, New Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Hawaii Five-0, The Good Wife, Homeland, How I Met Your Mother, Nikita, Grimm, Beauty and the Beast and The Vampire Diaries. Maybe. You never know. And I'll be looking out for the return of some British faves: Luther and Misfits.

Now that I look at that list, I'm realizing that there's NO way I'll have time for all of them! So we'll see which ones actually end up grabbing (and holding) my interest. What about you guys? Got any faves? Any I'm missing that are must-watch? Do tell!

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