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I started this blog as a way to explore online writing, get to know more about creating and maintaining a blog, and to join an ever-growing online community. I mainly like to share things I find on the internet that amuse, entertain or interest me. I hope they'll do the same for you.

As for me, I love reading, movies, TV, crafts, learning, photography, street art, tattoos, swearing and sarcasm. You'll probably find some of all of these things here. My interests are varied, and they're changing all the time. I have a short attention span, and you'll probably notice that I'll start a weekly series, but over time I may or may not abandon a series in favour of something else. I also post late when I get busy and sometimes I don't post at all for awhile.

This is because, like most of you, this is a hobby for me. I don't get paid to do it. The plus side of this is that I write exactly what and when I want. The down side is that I don't always have time to keep up with it. I don't want it to start feeling like a chore, so if things get busy, I disappear until I have something to say. Hopefully this won't scare you off - I'll always be back, I promise!

Something else worth mentioning: Though I don't set out to offend, I have no interest in censoring myself, either. Anyone is welcome to read and comment, but the way I see it, hanging out on my blog is sort of like hanging out at my house. My house, my rules. If you're cool with that, we'll get along just fine.

That said, I love to hear from you guys - comments seriously make my day. I'll always read them, and usually respond. It's great to hear varying perspectives, and I love it if something I write starts a conversation. Please share!

That's it, really. Not that much to say about me. I'm just, you know, a regular(ish) girl, takin' life one day at a time. Kick off your shoes, crack a beer and stay awhile.

xo M.
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