Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Thursday: Fantasy Shopping Spree...

This week's RT topic with Lin, Katrin and is one that I'm sure will prompt some very long posts:

We all have things we like to spend money on - though often we restrain ourselves! But what if you didn't have to? What would you buy?

1. A bookstore. Well, more or less.

I can never have enough books. Seriously, if I were a millionaire I'd blow it all on a library. I would love to take a bookstore tour of the world, if we're indulging the really wild flights of fancy.

2. Everything at Sephora and MAC

I always have a list a mile long of things I want from both stores, as well as the things I just love and have to have on hand at all times. I could spend a day shopping in either store!

3. A few Matt & Nat purses - and a Marc Jacobs one.

I really like these purses, but they're SO stupid expensive that I'll probably never own one. Definitely on the dream shopping spree list, though!

4. A Mont Blanc fountain pen.

See above. $600 for a pen??? Yeah... no.

5. New Uggs.

For these it's not the money (though they are pricey) it's the ethics. I've heard horrible things about how they treat their animals, so I can't buy from them. I kind of felt bad about buying them anyway, so it's really unlikely I would have regardless - but yeah. No Uggs for me.

6. About 5 sets of fleece sheets.

I cannot even begin to describe to you how cosy fleece sheets are in the winter. There is nothing better. I'll take that puppy, too...

What would you buy on your fantasy shopping spree?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Random Thursday: Worst Thing I've Ever Eaten and I Started Blogging Because...

Sorry for missing last week, but I had a major event on the weekend, and didn't have time for much else! Lin, Katrin and I have a great topic for you this week:

Hmmm. I'm a really picky eater so there are all sorts of things that I find gross that everyone else things is delicious. Like chopped scallop sushi rolls. Okra. Shark fin soup. Yup, those are my grossest foods ever. Oh, and goat cheese. HATE goat cheese.

I figure I owe you guys one! This is the topic I missed last week, so this week's a two-fer. I like this topic, even though I honestly barely remember! I think I started blogging because I was curious. I wanted to learn how blog platforms worked. I also wanted a way to share and record the cool stuff I found around the internet. I've always kept journals, but these days I find so many cool pics, gifs, videos and sites online that don't translate to traditional journaling. I guess I figured blogging was a way of incorporating new media in my recordings. 

And it kind of just grew from there. I discovered that blogging is a great way to create a sense of community - something I've found to be a real challenge. Since I'm done school it's harder to meet like-minded folk, and my friends have a tendency to travel. I miss having a group of people I not only share my life with and see regularly, but actually trust. Odd as it may seem, considering I haven't met most of you, blogging has given me that. Lin, who is now my best friend, I met through this very blog. Katrin and Martha, both of whom I count among my friends (though I've been really crappy about emailing and commenting lately - sorry guys! I promise I'll be better!) I also met through this blog. My book blog has led me to a great Twitter community of book lovers and I have so much fun interacting with them. So while my original aims still hold true, I found another, more important purpose for blogging. 

Anyway, there's the last two weeks for ya! Sorry again for being less than reliable lately! I swear it's just work, I still love you guys!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random Thursday: Favourite Swear Words...

So this week's topic from Lin, Katrin and I could not come at a better time.

So J. is sick, which means I'm getting sick, and I'm pretty sure based on how I feel that it's the plague.This morning I got stepped on by a woman in ungodly high heels which not only hurt like a motherfucker, but left a permanent fucking dent in my goddamn shoe. I spent a shitton of time looking for an animated gif of my favourite swear-phrase of all time with no success and I am now late for bed and feel like I'm dying. So here you go, a wall of profanity.

And finally, the piece de resistance (though this was supposed to be Ryan Reynolds saying it to Parker Posey, but I couldn't find it):

I dunno about you guys, but I feel a fuck of a lot better now. Peace out.

Oh yeah, and link up to share your favourite objectionable phrases!

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