Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I'm worried that after all this time I won't remember how to do these! But here goes. I'll give it a try. The fact that it's V-Day ought to give me some ammunition, at least.

1. I hate shopping, as you may know. I wish my wardrobe would just magically replenish itself and bill me every few months so I didn't have to go to the mall, try shit on, discover they don't have my size in ANYTHING and go home broke after buying the best I could find - half of which only seemed good compared to all the other tiny, uncomfortable crap and I that I will end up never wearing anyway.

2. I have discovered this AMAZING pasta at a restaurant in Vancouver called Cactus Club. It's just vegetarian spaghettini, but I am totally obsessed. It's all I want to eat. If you live around here, check it out. There's also a version of it with seafood (yuck) if you like that sort of thing.

3. As you might have guessed, I'm not big on Valentine's Day. Not that I have anything against those who are into it, but for me it seems really contrived and forced. However, I am liking the idea of going to the firing range and shooting at some zombies. That sounds fucking romantic.

4. And on the topic of romance, I am loving the Oatmeal cards. Like this one:

5. I was thinking about how cynics are always saying that Valentine's Day was invented by Hallmark to sell cards, and I realized that it is much more likely to have been the brainchild of the alcohol industry. Everyone drinks on Valentine's Day - either to celebrate it or forget it.

6. So I've been trying to find the Hunter boots I like in my size for about a month or more now. These are them. As you may notice, they're out of stock. Here and everywhere else. I went to/called every shoe store in Vancouver trying to find them. I tried to get them from the Hunter website, but they don't ship to Canada. I even bid on and won a pair on EBay only to be contacted a day later and told that the seller had made a mistake on the size. So I finally gave in and bought these ones - turns out they were on sale. I'll let you know if they actually arrive ever. Cross your fingers for me, because my current shoes are literally falling apart.

7. My Starbucks consumption is way out of control. I've had three of their ridiculously priced beverages in as many days. I might as well start randomly leaving money places. But they're just so yummy. (And no, Lin, they weren't all Peppermint Mochas - I decided to be "responsible" and have a latte yesterday instead. It was horrible.)

8. I don't get flowers. I mean, they're pretty and all, but why spend so much on them when all they do is make people sneeze and then die depressingly quickly? I'd much rather a book or a good sex toy - you know, something you can get hours of entertainment from.

9. I can't think of a #9. Which is strange if you know me, because I never shut up. Seriously - NEVER.

10. Apparently my co-workers won't believe that I don't like Valentine's Day. This is what I found on my desk this morning. I haven't decided if they're really, really nice or just trying to kill the diabetic (there was also a chocolate chip muffin, but I already ate it).

That's it for the VD Ten on Tuesday post. Hope you're all doing something fun for Valentine's Day - like catching up on the Walking Dead.


  1. 1. I heard that! I hate shopping with all my being.
    3. That's my kind of date night. Guns & zombies...I'm in!
    4. lmfao! omg I can't stop laughing.
    5. As a fellow cynic, I totally agree. Also, booze make everything better. Even shitty made up holidays.
    6. Absolutely love them.
    7. Bwahaha! I was totally just thinking 'how many peppermint mochas can a person drink!?' Glad you're switching it up a bit. Make that money spending worth it ;)
    8. If I was into chicks I'd totally try to date you. Sorry, a little too far? Um...so yeah, flowers. Pft, I totally dont get them either.
    10. Don't kid yourself, they're definitely trying to put you in a diabetic coma.

    And because I'm like a week late on reading this (bad blogger!), I'm totally gonna hit you up on chat tomorrow to discuss the latest Walking Dead episode. Damn, that shows the shiznit!

  2. Booze DOES make everything better. And I'd totally date you too.

    I'm also like a year late publishing your comments - sorry! I really wish blogger would send me a notification email when someone posts a comment that I need to moderate, rather than the useless one they send telling me I've published it. Like I didn't already figure that out. Stupid blogger.


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