Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. You may have noticed my absence for a little while. Sorry 'bout that. My work has three big events throughout the year - and the week before each one is pretty intense. It's over now, though, so you get me back all to your selfish little selves! At least until I move later this month, anyway....

2. It looks like we might be going on vacation to Cuba this winter - with some good friends, no less! Stoked.

3. I'm re-reading one of my childhood favourite books - Matilda by Roald Dahl. I'd forgotten the simple magic of reading a well-crafted children's story. And how talented Dahl is. Not only is he an excellent children's author, but he is the master of writing children's stories that adults will actually enjoy. He puts just enough subtext in it to keep grown ups intrested; just enough true sinister undertones that children won't catch on, but grown ups will. Not an easy thing to do. If you haven't read it, (or worse, any of his books!) I think you should. I don't care how old you are.

4. I've been re-watching Criminal Minds. SUCH a good show - but I really should learn not to watch it marathon-style. *Looks under bed for concealed serial killer*

5.I've been to Starbucks ever.damn.day. For the past five days. I may even have broken down and had a mini pie. Or two. Yeah, I'm a li'l stressed.

6. Anderson Cooper finally openly announced that he's gay. On the one hand, I'm always in favour of more powerful, positive role models for - well, everyone. But I also see his point about the fact that it shouldn't matter, and while I'm proud of him for coming out, I'm even more proud of him for not making it his defining characteristic all these years. Either way, I think he's pretty awesome.

7. Went to see Ted last week - and damn that shit is funny! I wasn't expecting too much from it - it's a movie about a talking, walking TEDDY BEAR for fuck's sake. However, I haven't laughed that hard since the Avengers. Worth a watch.

8. I'm going to be co-hosting a Summertime Swap with Lin - which will be awesome. I mean, a summertime swap is super fun no matter what, but with Lin and I at the reigns? Yeah, you'll wanna sign up for this one. Stay tuned!

9. Two people in my office are sick - one of them seems to have some sort of stomach thing. Very nervous. Hate throwing up. *crosses fingers that crappy immune system will miraculously kick it up a notch*

10. For the giggles:


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  1. 1. We've missed you! I mean, technically we 'speak' everyday but I still miss your posts.
    2. I'm so excited for you (and very very jealous).
    3. A little ashamed to say this but I've never read these. I should probably get on that after I'm done with CM.
    4. Haha, you little chicken butt.
    5. Damn you Em, it's not like you have to rub it in our face.
    6. He's pretty damn sexy. I'm just sad there's one less hot silver fox for the ladies.
    7. Not sure if you meant the Avengers thing to be sarcastic or not since I'm almost positive it's not a comedy haha. I want to see this movie SO bad!
    8. Hell yeah! Peeps would have to be cr-a-zy to not sign up with us. We're awesome.
    9. Ick! Lots of vitamin C for you young lady.
    10. lmfao...first of all, porn is the bomb-digity & that head & shoulders ecard totally made my day. Hilarious.


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