Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Thursday: Embarrassing Celeb Crushes...

Time for another Random Thursday with Lin, Meg and myself. Now, this week's topic will require some candor. You might be tempted to lie, but don't. No one's judging. Well, we're not, anyway. Time to spill, who are your:

I'm not huge on celebrity crush obsessions, but there are a few celebs who are a bit of alright. Most of them aren't that embarrassing, and are pretty predictable, but there's one or two that will probably make you guys go "huh?" So not so much embarrassing as, well, surprising. Here goes...

1. Robert Sheehan

He's just so... Irish! Way too young for me, so I feel a bit pervy having a huge crush on him, but what can I say. It's the eyes, the accent and the dry sense of humour.

2. Chad Lindberg

Not exactly your typical Hollywood hottie, but again, there's just something about him. His voice and quirkiness. Plus he seems like the kind of guy who'd be funny (check out the T) - seeing a theme here?

3. Robert Downey Jr. 

Apparently I like my Roberts either much younger than me, or quite a bit older. But whatever, he's the funniest man in Hollywood, and you could never accuse him of being boring. Plus, he's Iron Man. So one can assume he'd be... you know... ahem. Anyway.

4. James Deen

I'm not sure if you guys will all have heard of this fellow yet - cos he's an adult film star. He's crossing over into the mainstream with his upcoming role alongside Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons, so y'all can take a look at him. Probably more clothed than he's ever been on screen before. I like him because he's - of course - hilarious. It's rare to find an adult film star who can carry a plot and pull off witty quips (while taking care of "business," no less), but this guy is one of the few. And he's got that cute boy-next-door thing going on - even if he has been around he block a few times.

5. Mila Kunis

Everyone knows she's a hottie. Plus she's spunky, funny, cute and not afraid to be nerdy or go out in her sweatpants. Definitely would give the home team a go on her account.

That's all I can think of for now, so it's your turn. Who secretely gets your motor running? Who glues your eyes to the TV screen? Who has that indefinable something that overcomes whatever makes them an embarrassing crush? Do tell.


  1. James Deen, YES! Although I have to say, The Canyons looks terrible. I hope it at least opens some doors (instead of legs) for more work in feature films :)

    1. Ha! You totally just made me choke on my drink with the legs line. Yeah, what I've heard so far it's pretty crap. Turned down by Sundance for "sub-par production" or something like that. I'll watch it just to see how he does with clothes on, but I hate Lohan so I don't expect it to be a new fave! There's rumours he's trying to get the part of Christian Grey, though, so we'll see...

  2. Ohhhh Robert Downey Jr is a fox. Definitely up there, although I would have to say that Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk wins as my favourite Avenger. Super sexy:)

    1. Yeah, Ruffalo was good....but RDJ more attractive! Mind you, my crush on RDJ stretches waaaaaaaay back to Chaplin!

  3. Robert Downey Jr is totally on my list too. I kind of fell in love with him during Ally McBeal, but then as Iron Man I totally threw my panties off at him. No shame.

    1. Wait. Hold the phone. You're telling me RDJ was on Ally Mc-fricken-Beal?? Almost wishing I'd watched the show now. Almost. ;) My favourite RDJ was his Inside the Actors' Studio interview. Excellent. It's on YouTube, in case you haven't seen it!

  4. the only ones I know are Robert and mila but damn girl the rest are fiiiine!

  5. Mila Kunis should not be an embarrassing crush, she's hot. I know that this is so bad for me to say but I liked her when she was a rack, like a really skinny girl from Black Swan and Friends with Benefits. While I am glad that she is in a relationship with Ashton Kutcher and she is happy, the relationship weight she is putting on isn't making her that sexy anymore. Weight shouldn't matter but I am just sayin'.

    Yes, everyone now can shoot me for saying that...


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