Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random Thursday: I Wish They Were Never Canceled...

This week's topic with Lin, Meg and I is a good one, particularly now that we're (can you even believe it?) nearing the middle of August and pretty soon we'll all start eagerly anticipating Fall season premieres!

This one's easy. Get ready for a monster list!

1. Missing

I was stunned when this one was cancelled. I still am. It was so good - the suspense, the intrigue, the kick-ass characters.... not to mention the complete cliff-hanger it ended on. I mean, come ON people!

2. King
This was a great Canadian detective show with a don't-mess-with-me leading lady - smart as a whip and better at her job than any of the "guys." I loved every second of it and am still mourning its passing.

3. House
I spent eight years hopelessly in love/hate with House. By turns awe-inspiring and completely infuriating, his cynicism and intelligence made him one of my favourite characters of all time. I'll admit that the show ebbed and flowed and a lot of the supporting cast weren't that great. But there was enough to this show that I would have kept watching it through good and bad.

4. The Closer
I loved Brenda. And her team. I know Kyra needed to step back and deal with, you know, REAL life. And I totally get that. But I still miss her.

5. Spooks
A lot of you probably haven't heard of this show, but if you like spy drama and suspense, you should definitely check it out. It's a British show about a troupe of MI-5 officers and deals with a great variety of situations and intrigue. It's more realistic (in my limited experience) than Hollywood spy dramas - and they're definitely not shy about killing off main characters which makes it all the more suspenseful. I've watched and re-watched this numerous times and highly recommend it.

6. Switched at Birth
I know it's a bit weird including this one since it's still airing, but apparently this is the final season  and I'm bummed. I loved not only the premise and the characters, but the fact that a good proportion of the cast is deaf. I love shows that include people who are "different" by Hollywood standards and I'm betting this show inspired many watchers to learn at least a bit of sign language. Definitely gonna miss it!

7. Firefly
This is probably one of the most notorious cancelled shows of all time. The furor over the disappearance of this geek fave led to the movie finale, and while that was great I definitely would have preferred a couple more seasons.

8. Six Feet Under
I loved this show. It was a quirky concept with a quirky cast, a couple of spunky, sarcastic and just plain nuts leading ladies. I miss this show and the final couple of episodes always bring on the water works!

9. Veronica Mars
I was so annoyed when this ended abruptly before (SPOILER) Veronica and Logan managed to work out their issues and get back together. I'm so excited for the movie and hoping it'll tie up all those loose ends!

10. My So-Called Life
Honestly I'm including this more out of nostalgia than anything else. I wouldn't want to watch more of it now - it's definitely outdated and I'm too old for it. But at the time I would have loved a few more seasons. I thought it was a great show for teenagers - it had a lot of the real-life issues we were all dealing with and a cast of characters I grew very attached to.

I'm sure there are hundreds more I'm forgetting, so there may be (multiple) updates to this post, but I'm tired so I'm calling it there for now. But I want to know which shows you all mourn, so link up and share!


  1. Can you believe I never saw Firefly? Apparently I really missed out...

  2. Oh, I loved My so-called life! I even have it on DVD. I watched it again 1 or 2 years ago and all I could think of was that Jordan Catalano is such a douche bag. Haha.
    Six Feet Under is one of my favorite shows ever!

  3. I didn't know this was the last season for Switched at Birth! I love that show!!


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