Thursday, September 26, 2013

Random Thursday: My Fave Store to Shop At Is...

Sorry this is going up kinda late - I got drops in my eyes yesterday and was so busy writhing in pain as any light source in the vicinity tried to stab me in the retinas that I completely forgot to publish this post. The today I've been busy trying to save this adorable puppy (hint, hint). My bad. Here's this week's topic with Lin, Meg, and myself:

Well this one is just too easy. I'm a book fiend. I need a regular fix or I get hella cranky.

So my fave places to throw down some dough are Pulp Fiction books (for used books):

Or Chapters if I want to check out new arrivals:

I'm also pretty fond of this place: 

 That's it for me! Now let us know where you like to spend some time browsing!


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