Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Thursday: Things I Like About Cold Weather...

This week's topic is right on schedule. Lin, Katrin and I have a seasonal RT for you. We want to know:

1. Peppermint Mochas!!!

YUM. I may also have a small peppermint bark addiction.

2. Scarves
Okay, maybe not *that* much scarf.

3. Uggs
 I pretty much spend the entire winter in mine. So comfy!

4. Flannel PJs
 Yes, those are PJs covered in breakfast food.

5. Excuse to stay in and read
I totally want that cup, too.

What gets you through the dark, cold days of winter? Share and link up!


  1. Anything peppermint is awesome by me!!!!

  2. I never had a peppermint mocha! I guess I am weird! I agree on everything else, except of the Uggs. :) But I do love warm boots!


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