Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Random Thursday: What the Holidays Mean To Me...

Tis the season! Lin, Katrin and I are in full Christmas mode (well I am, anyway) and there are cards everywhere (shedding glitter like crazy, I might add - note to self to avoid glitter ANYTHING at all costs next year),  along with random scraps and rolls of wrapping paper, the odd candy cane and distinctly empty chocolate wrappers. What? The holidays are stressful. So this week's topic is:

I love Christmas.  I love the bright lights, the feeling of giving presents to people and watching them open them, watching my favourite cheesy Christmas movies, drinking peppermint mochas from the Starbucks holiday cups, playing hooky from responsibility, eating all sorts of crap I know I shouldn't, and, if I'm really lucky, SNOW! Which we've only had a dusting of so far, but my fingers are crossed for the big day. Here are some things I think of when I think about Christmas:

The Snowman

I loved this movie when I was a kid. It's whimsical, beautifully illustrated.... and narrated by David Bowie. Yeah, that's right. You can't go wrong when you involve Bowie. You know what's even better? They just came out with a Snowman game app! I know I shouldn't be, but I'm so excited, I can't even tell you.

Cosy Nights

I'm not a fan of short daylight savings days, but I am a fan of curling up on a cold winter's night in cosy pyjamas with a warm drink, christmas lights and either a great book or movie. A movie like....

Bridget Jones

It's okay, you can make fun of me now.

Family Fun

Okay, so no one's family is this cool, but still. It's the time of year to spend with the family you've got, for better or worse. And hey, if it's worse, at least you'll have stories to tell next year, right?

Pretty Decorations

Coolest. Tree. Ever.

And, Of Course... Presents!

Isn't this the coolest thing? Though imagine being the guy who asked for socks and underwear and watching the family who asked for the really big TV!

So that's about it for me! Your turn! Spread some cheer and link up below. And...

Happy Holidays!!


  1. That last video is pretty awesome.. my kids would of said kindles! what if someone asked for a home? or a million dollars? haha

  2. That's definitely the best tree ever! :) And I love cozy nights, they are the best! I hope you will have some fantastic holidays! I can't wait to open your package! I hope mine will arrive in time! I am nervous!


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