Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random Thursday: My Favourite Snack Food...

You know what? Yummy snacks are an important part of any day. So Lin, Katrin and I  want you to tell us what snacks you like to eat! This week's topic is:

I like my snacks. Sometimes they're healthy, sometimes not so much. So, full disclosure:

1. Starbucks Banana chocolate Chip Muffins

So unhealthy. So delicious.

2. Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Dark Chocolate Nut Bars

Not the healthiest of snacks, but they're portable and don't taste like cardboard like most of the snack bars out there I've tried.

3. Apple and Aged Cheddar Cheese

Yeah, totally weird. But something about the salty cheese and sweet apple - yum.

4. Pita and Pesto Hummus

If you guys haven't tried pesto hummus, you're totally missing out! 

5. Chips

I love salty snacks. Chips... well, I rarely buy them because once they're open, I'm not gonna be able to stop eating them.

6. Beer

Oh, come on. Like you're surprised.

Now it's your turn - what delicious treats do you crave?


  1. I love granola bars too. I just made hummus yesterday. But, still figuring out what to eat it with ;)

    1. The best thing with hummus is Greek pita bread. If you're allergic to gluten, though, just plain old carrot and celery sticks work! :)

  2. Oh I love hummus! And those salty dark chocolate bars sound great. I love salty chocolate. After reading your post I feel like getting a snack. :)

  3. Yay for beer! I love hummus. I'm trying to get into a habit of eating it with veggies instead of pitas. And I (used to) eat apples with cheddar too--not weird at all! Somehow it was just right!

  4. Chips...a total weakness of mine. Nothing better than regular old salted Ruffles but lately I've been into these Tapatio Doritos. Basically chili Doritos...weird, I know. Dont love me any less for this but I've NEVER tried hummus. It just sounds like it'd be gross so I've always skipped it :/

    Ok - I'm off to scavenge the kitchen for any junk food the hubs may have missed while I was at work. Dude always beats me to the good stuff.


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