Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Random Thursday: IMO The Best Online Shop Is...

Lin, Katrin and I have a fun topic for you this week - and one we're pretty sure won't be hard for you guys!


I'm gonna give you guys a few different answers for this question.

1. For cosmetics - I like Feelunique. It's based in England, but offers free shipping on orders over $20. And let's face it, that's really not hard to spend. They also have frequent 15% off coupons, and they have some of the European cosmetics that can be hard to find or super expensive over here!

2. For books - If you're in Canada, Chapters is awesome. Their online prices are a lot cheaper than their in-store prices, and about 95% of the time they're cheaper than any other online store too. Free shipping on orders over $25, or you can get items shipped to the store nearest you free of charge on any order. Big fan. There's also Book Depository, a UK-based store that offers free shipping on orders worldwide. Pretty good prices overall, and excellent selection. One final site that's one of the best kept secrets on the internet - BookFinder. This is seriously awesome. It searches a bunch of online stores for the book you're trying to find and displays the comparative costs and conditions of both new and used books, including shipping. Which makes comparison shopping super easy. And because it searches used books, it's a great way to look for rare or out of print books. Also fantastic for textbooks, so little tip to all you students out there!

I was going to do more categories, but I have to get up at stupid early o'clock tomorrow morning, so that's all you get. But I want to hear from you. What're your favourite online shopping destinations? Share!


  1. I love book stores of course, they are my favorite. :) What a surprise. I have never heard about Feel Unique. I completely forgot to add cosmetics to my list!

  2. I can spend waaaaaay too much time/money on book browsing!!!


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