Friday, July 29, 2011

Fill in the _____ Friday

  1. My favourite colour is... black. I know, I know, technically it's not a colour. But for something that's not a colour, it sure goes with everything.
  2. My travel destination of choice is... Europe, Mexico or Australia.
  3. My favourite food is... I feel like I've answered this about 5 times for FITBF already, so I'm skipping it.
  4. My happy place is... Right now? My bed. When I'm not so tired? London or Paris. I could walk all day in either one, taking in the atmosphere, snapping pictures, people-watching... bliss.
  5. My favourite saying is... I'll have to think about that. I don't think I really have a favourite saying, but I do have a few favourite quotes that are sort of like sayings - things like "pray to god but row away from the rocks." Probably one of the most useful sayings is "shit happens," because it inevitably does.
  6. My dirty little secret is... I don't think you guys understand the concept of a "secret." Let me demonstrate.
  7. Something friends might say about me is that I... am fun when I'm in a good mood, can be really loud-mouthed and opinionated, definitely stubborn, loyal, will always offer to kneecap anyone who is mean to them and can't stand anything unfair or exploitative. Also I can be really sarcastic. It's part of my charm.
 Thanks to Lauren at The Little Things We Do!

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