Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Don't die of shock, but it's actually Tuesday, too!

1. I want to go back to sleep.

2. If I drank coffee, today would be a ten coffee day.

3. Sunday was Earth Day. I hope y'all got extra environmental.

4. This week is the last week our intern will be working with us. I've grown very fond of her, and I am now sad she's leaving. :-(

5. I am participating in a blog swap with Lin from Linny's Vault, and I finally got hers in the mail last week. I've now discovered that waiting for her to receive it is torture. Will it get lost in the mail? Will she like it? Oh, the suspense.

6. I think I need a vacation. I've been spending a lot of time lately fantasizing about what it would be like to be independently wealthy and be able to spend my time doing volunteer work, reading, taking random classes, earning multiple degrees, and becoming overall a very smart person. Of course, if I actually were independently wealthy, I'd spend all my time watching bad TV in my bathrobe and eating Cheerios. But a girl can dream.

7. I am stressed. I know this because I have suddenly developed irrepressible urges to eat ridiculous amounts of chocolate and potato chips.

8.  I *may* have gotten a little carried away with book shopping lately. I bought three yesterday and then went home to discover four in the mailbox. I'm pretty sure J. will notice them piling up soon, and it will undo all the brownie points I earned getting rid of those 5 boxes last month....

Maybe he'll forgive me if I use them to build one of these:

9. Speaking of books, I've been really into reading book blogs lately. One of my favourites is Book Riot. It has all sorts of interesting posts, including libraries of the rich and famous (part one and part two), reviews, opinion columns and various other fun book-related stuff! Check them out!

10. And because there must be laughter:

1 comment:

  1. 1. Me too. We really need to start going to bed before 11pm haha.
    2. It's a good thing you dont or you'd be bouncing off those damn walls.
    3. I threw my trash away in an actual trash bin instead of tossing it under the car and driving away. Yay me!
    4. Aw, it's never easy seeing cool people leave the office. Maybe you'll get an even cooler intern in a few months :/
    5. I know the feeling. I'm sitting here wondering if you're going to get my package & go 'wtf is this girl thinking? These Americans sure are fucking strange!'
    6. Maybe if you're rich you can spend 6 months doing all that fun outdoorsy stuff & the other 6 months just vegging it a home like a slob. Sounds like a good plan to me.
    7. Mmm...potato chips.
    8. No one can resist a fort made of books. I'm sure he'd love you for it :)
    9. I'll have to scope this out.
    10. Bahaha! It's so little. (<--that's what she said)


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