Friday, November 30, 2012

FITBFs I missed

Okay, so I was away for a little while and therefore missed some Fill in the _____ Fridays. Since I know you all hang off every word I post and must have been COMPLETELY DEVASTATED not to be able to read my answers, I've decided to do a post with the FITBF posts I missed while I was away. You're welcome, world.

  1. My best quality is... sarcasm? Love of dirty jokes? Ability to worry incessantly? Take your pick. I'm full of win, y'all.
  2. One of my less flattering qualities is... I'm a total control freak. Honestly, I even annoy myself sometimes. I have no idea how J. puts up with me.
  3. I'd rather be... back on a beach in Cuba (this was the Friday I came back, so I was suffering from some sun withdrawal.)
  4. Something I have been challenged with lately is... Cuban food that created WWIII in my belly. Not fun. Also packing to come home. 
  5. I am looking forward to... the next vacation I get to go on? Yeah, let's go with that.
  6. A super random factoid about me is... I can't stand the smell of meat cooking in the house. BBQ is okay. But in the house? Gross.
  7. I want to... go back to bed. (This applies to the Friday this set of questions came out, today, and pretty much every day forever.)
  1.  I like... beer. Sleeping. Pizza. Peppermint mochas. Banana chocolate chip muffins. Cats.
  2. A life goal of mind is... to retire. I'm actually not kidding. I'm going to be so good at retirement. Brunch, shuffleboard, bingo, nap. I totally got this.
  3. The last thing you would expect me to like (though I secretly do) is... well if I told you, not only would it no longer be a secret, but I'd have to kill you. Ok, fine. Cheesy movies like Love Actually. And Bridget Jones. And Christmas. And awesome Halloween decorations.
  4. Some wise words that I love are... "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." ~ Hunter S. Thompson
  5. Most mornings you will find me... slogging my way to work, usually in the rain, always in a bad mood. 
  6. Right now I am super into... taking photos. When this came out I was probably wandering around Havana, camera in hand. Awesome place for shutterbugs!
  7. Right now I am super over... hearing about celebrity love lives. Who the hell cares??
  1. Something I swore I'd never do but have ended up doing anyway is... settling down, moving to suburbia and working in a job that is alright, but not really something I jump out of bed for in the morning.
  2. Something I've always wanted to do is... write a book. Turns out it's a lot of work though. So I've been putting it off to work on this blog.
  3. Something I have no desire to ever do is... eat insects. Joust. Climb Everest. Have triplets. Especially that last one.
  4. The best thing I ever did was... leave home.
  5. When it comes to trying new things, I am... either totally for it or totally against it. Depends on the new thing. Duh.
  6. One thing I've never done is... hmmmm. Well, I've never shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. It was cos he stole my whiskey. Just kidding. It was to watch him die.
  7. My favourite thing to do is... as I was about to discover a day or two after this came out, wandering around Havana taking pictures and then stopping to drink beer and watch people is pretty great. 
I think that's it for the missing blanks. You guys can stop sulking about how much you missed while I was away now. 

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