Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Thursday: Desert Island - 5 Items I'd Want to Have with Me...

Lin, Meg and I have another fantastically creative topic for y'all. If you're fans of High Fidelity (or just top 5 lists in general), this will be right down your alley:

Oh my god this is tough. I know I should probably list unlimited clean drinking water, ample food sources, a way to signal for help, sun screen, camping gear... that sort of stuff. But I'm not gonna. I'm gonna list the non-essentials. Cos they're more interesting. Oh, and I'm also assuming that J. is with me, cos let's face it, he usually is. The cats too.

1. Computer with internet connection.

Music. Movies. And, of course, access to blogs. I honestly don't think I'd last a week without it.

2. Lin.

I cannot last a day without that girl.

3. A library.

Not just a book or two. A LIBRARY.

4. Lip balm.

What? I'm a girl.

5. Beer. Unlimited.

Well I'm assuming that this desert island is warm. And everyone knows that if it's a warm, sunny day, you need an ice cold beer at some point. It's only logical.

That's it for my list of 5. Now it's your turn. What can't you live without? And let's stick with the fun stuff.


  1. I would need the internet too. I die if I spend a day away from it!

  2. I definitely need a library too. Who knows how long I have to be on that island!

  3. Aw, you're the fucking sweetest! Just for the record, I'd love to stranded on a desert island w/you ;)

  4. beer! I wish I thought of that!
    nothing better then a cold one on a hot beach.


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