Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Thursday: Phone Photo Dump...

And.... we're back! Lin, Meg and I have another (possibly embarrassing) topic for ya:

So... funny story. About a month or so ago, I decided to take a bath. Which led to a life learning moment: a bathtub, a phone and three cats do not make a good combination. Yeah, you guessed the rest of this story. On the plus side I got a spiffy new phone. On the minus side, I lost most of what was saved on the old one. So y'ain't getting more than a few pics from me this week! And they aren't very good. In no particular order:

This is the watermelon beer J. and I tried on my birthday. It was.... interesting.

A picture I took to send to Lin to show her that my nail polish really did match 
my scarf that day. (Yes we have an odd friendship that involves sending each other 
random photos throughout the day. So?)

Another pic I took for Lin - I'm really into tea and wanted to show her 
that one of my fave tea shops, Davids Tea, actually has a menu. 
No joke. It's like 20 pages long.

My cat looking really sad that she can't fit into a paper bag she found.

This is where they're renovating the future Nordstrom's in Vancouver. 
I took this to send to Lin (but forgot to) because I wanted to ask her 
if she or Rusty had any idea how in the hell they got those cranes 
(or whatever they are) up there???

 My old home away from home - my favourite bar. Which has apparently gone 
upscale since I stopped hanging out there on the regular and has painted the tables 
(they used to be bare wood made from old bowling lanes that had pennies jammed in 
the cracks and graffiti all over them). Wonder if there's a connection between those two 
things?? (And yes, this was also a pic I sent to Lin.)

Yep, super exciting. Also makes me realize I need to start taking more photos with my new phone! I'm absolutely certain you can do better than this, so link up below and show us how it's done!

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  1. Your kitty is so cute!!!!!! Don't feel bad, I've dumped my phone in a cup of tea and sent it through the wash. Such is life.


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