Thursday, October 3, 2013

Random Thursday: Things That Brighten A Rainy Day...

I know I did this whole apology last week, but yet here I am again, a day late! This time I have no valid excuse. I just straight up forgot. My bad. Without further ado, here's what Lin, Meg, and myself want y'all to write about this week!

Oh, man. After the last week here, I could write a book on all the things that DON'T brighten a rainy day - mainly public transit full of pokey, wet umbrellas and discovering several leaks in my very expensive and not-yet-two-year-old Hunter rain boots. Hmph. But that isn't what we're on about this week, so I'm going to tell you what makes things a bit more bearable and, in some cases, stopped me from putting people's umbrellas in places that would have freed up their seat on the bus for me. Here goes!

1. Starbucks. 

I'm not too proud to admit, there have been a couple of overpriced coffees in my recent past.

2. Warm winter blankets. 

I busted out the down comforter AND took a fleece blanket to wrap myself up in at work like a burrito. I was still cold.

3. A bath.

Unfortunately my bath plug thing broke, but I just got one of those suction plug things, so I'll be good to go - I sense quite a few of these in my near future as I get used to the new (freezing) temperatures around here!

4. Hot water bottle.

Between this and the random cats who are enjoying my winter comforter as much as I am, bed is toasty warm to get into.

5. Tea.


6. A good book. 

Or several. I'm currently re-reading these for like the 800th time, and enjoying them every bit as much as the last 799.

7. Warm, dry socks.

If my feet are cold, I'm cold. And if I'm cold, no one is happy.

Okay, that's what I've got for you! Now share - what gets you through a dripping, wet, miserable day? Link up below!


  1. I second the socks thing! My feet are ALWAYS cold, even in the summer. When those miserable fall rains hit I have to wear two pair, all the time. Ergh.

    1. Oh, man, tell me about it! My hands and feet are ALWAYS cold. I have these slippers from an outdoor outfitter here (MEC) that are like sleeping bags for feet. I wear those over fluffy socks all winter long - and my feet are usually still cold!!

  2. I always have cold feet! And cold hands! So I loooove warm socks! and warm blankets. And hot water bottles. I could not survive without that stuff. I have a nice collection of warm footwear for the house. I just bought a pair of fuzzy slippers.


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