Friday, June 3, 2011

Fill in the _____ Friday

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  1. I love... blank notebooks because... they are full of the promise of great ideas.
  2. A time that mama knew best was... Hmmm. No specific time stands out to me.
  3. My first kiss went a little like this... This might sound weird, but I honestly don't remember. I assume I was probably nervous, and it was probably embarrassing.
  4. My celebrity crush is... it would have to be David Bowie. I've been in love with him since the first time I watched Labyrinth at the age of 7.
  5. My splurge of choice is... currently Juice Beauty. I just discovered them and am LOVING their products. I've bought their SPF face and body cream for the summer. Pricey but it smells and feels delicious and I'm happy knowing that they don't use chemicals, their products are 98% organic and they don't test on animals. 
  6. My biggest accomplishment is... that's a tough question. Finishing University was one of them, but honestly I think the hardest work I've done in my life has been on myself - dealing with my medical situations and finding a way to live with those, trying to be a better person, partner, friend, daughter etc. Of course I'm not perfect and it's still a work in progress - will be for the rest of my life - but looking back I feel like I've changed a lot and learned a lot in the past ten years.
  7. My dance jam of choice is... anything with a good beat! 
Thanks to Lauren at The Little Things We Do for the blanks!

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