Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wicked Wednesday - Me & You Reusable Shopping Bags

Okay, I realize that this makes two posts in a row telling you about stuff to buy, but somehow it just worked out that way, and I want to share this one before the deal is over. It wasn't on purpose, honest! I stumbled across these locally made, reusable bags in a Grooster special last week. Now, their signature bags look like this:

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These bags are great, but the bags I'm really impressed with are these:

Plenty of companies - even most grocery stores - have reusable grocery bags these days. But these bags were a first for me - and such a great idea! I mean, plastic shopping bags I can reuse to gather recycling in or line small trash cans in the bathrooms, but the produce plastic bags... well there's really not a whole lot you can do with those once the fruits and veggies are all used up. I'll definitely be switching to these babies!
Visit here to check out all the bags Me & You carry, and here to check out the Grooster deal.

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