Friday, June 10, 2011

Fill in the _____ Friday

  1. This weekend I'm... going to the dentist...and...I'm really not happy about it. :(
  2. My last vacation was... waaaaaaaay too long ago. Seriously, barely remember it.
  3. My next vacation will be... epic!
  4. My favourite way to relax is... with a good book, a beer, sun, a comfy spot outdoors in partial shade with a breeze... or wandering around an unknown city discovering wonderful new things with nowhere you have to be...
  5. When vacationing one should always... remind yourself not to do things because you "should" do them. That goes against the whole purpose.
  6. When vacationing one should never... get grumpy and petty. Let the little things go and hold onto your good mood! They lost your luggage? No problem, you can go shopping. Your hotel booked you twin beds instead of a king? No problem, push them together. You can't find that awesome restaurant your friend recommended? No problem, if you wander maybe you'll stumble across somewhere even better that you can recommend. It's all about keeping it positive!
  7. The best part about vacation is... when you're packed, checked in, settled in your seat, and waiting for the plane to take off. In that moment you've got your whole vacation to look forward to, all the preparation and planning is done, if you forgot something it's too late to do anything about it, and you can just relax and let it wash over you!
Thanks to Lauren at The Little Things We Do!

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