Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I apologize in advance for this week's 10 - you'll see what I mean. On the plus side, if you do stick with me to the end, I've included a couple of funnies to make it up to you!

1. I am not excited for Movember. For those of you who don't know, Movember is a yearly event intended to raise funds for and awareness of men's health issues - particularly prostate cancer. Men are supposed to register online at the beginning of the month and get people to sponsor their moustache-growing efforts, which culminates (in theory) in a masterful facial testament to testosterone by the end of the month. But it seems to me that a lot of guys just do it as an excuse to experiment with facial hair and don't even know what it's all about (I'm also willing to bet a month of beer that they have never submitted themselves to a prostate exam).

While I'm all for raising awareness of men's health issues - hell, I'm in favour of raising awareness of ANY health issues - I have to say, I hate moustaches. I have rarely seen one I don't find creepy, and I dread Movember. Nonetheless, if you're a guy and you want to find out more (or if you're a girl and your opinion of moustaches diverges from my own), go here to find out what started the whole fiasco and what it's REALLY supposed to be about (warning: contains lots of creepy facial hair: visit at your own risk!).

2. I decided to start knitting again this weekend. Unfortunately, I failed to seal a couple of yarn projects in ziploc bags before I put them in the closet for the summer, and the moths got to them. We've been plagued by the little fuckers since moving to our new place (three years ago) and nothing I do gets rid of them, since I can't use toxic chemicals that would also take out our cats (who, incidentally, are completely USELESS when it comes to culling the moths. They just sit there and watch them. I think we've spoiled their natural murderous instincts with canned food). Fortunately they only chewed through the yarn in a couple of places, so after a thorough washing it's as good as new. But I hate moths just that little bit more.

3. Thanks to daylight savings time, it is now light by the time I leave for work in the morning, thus allowing me to more accurately gauge my outerwear needs for the day. Unfortunately, this means it gets dark ridiculously early. I think we should just change the clocks half an hour next time, split the difference, and stick with it. I mean really, what's the point in all this back and forth?

4. I have developed a fascination with sharing random funny stuff on Facebook. Like this gem:

 Totally what I'd say if you reversed time and put me back in high school math again, knowing what I do now about the world. 

5. I finally got around to tidying my desk at work last week, and fuck was it terrifying! Don't worry, I didn't find any previously undiscovered life forms, but I did end up with a huge stack of paper that had to go in the recyling bin. Am now trying not to print things. It's ridiculous.

 It wasn't quite this bad, but nearly.

6. Am increasingly depressed by my financial situation. I swear someone sneaks into my bank account and takes money when I'm not looking. The fact that that person is me is even more depressing. I'm actually considering trying to find a Saturday retail job over the Christmas season on top of my regular full-time job to earn a bit of extra money. And I HATE retail.

7. I'm glad that most stores have now sold out of Halloween candy. There has been so much of it in our office that I swear I gained 10 pounds in a week. And I didn't even go trick-or-treating.

8.  Most of the time I do the basics to take care of my health condition and then don't think about it. But lately it's been harder to manage and as a result I feel physically and emotionally crappy a lot of the time. Realizing I need to make some lifestyle changes, which is horrible because it's coming up on Christmas and who wants to be more healthy at this time of year??

Forget the treadmill, I want a T-Rex for Christmas!

9. Normally when I'm depressed I go to Starbucks and get a peppermint mocha. But unfortunately between my financial situation, my need to cut down on my sugar consumption and the fact that it's raining all week and I can't afford new waterproof boots, I can't. Hoping that I'll soon discover a free and healthy replacement. But given how much I love peppermint mochas, I'm not going to hold my breath.

10. I'm aware that this week's 10 have been a little (okay a lot) on the doom and gloom side. I feel that it's my duty to try and even it out. Here are a couple of things that made me giggle and will hopefully do the same for you!

 I'm pretty sure my cats would be surprised as well.

That's totally the rule, right? 

See ya.

Thanks for sticking with me, despite my less-than-cheerful Tuesday. I promise to try and get more optimistic by next week.


  1. 1. Woah...I've never heard of this. It sounds like a great cause but mustaches, really? Why?! Every time I see a guy with one I automatically start singing 70's porn music in my mind lol.
    2. I love knitting. Unfortunately I only know hot to knit in a chain pattern so I have tons of scarfs & blankets :(
    3. The drive home is killer now that it gets dark quicker. Lame.
    4. Bwahaha...if it wasn't for my pudge belly & thick thighs I may have gone that route.
    5. I'm awful when it comes to collecting piles of mail in my room. It's so tacky & no matter how many times I clean it up it always comes back.
    6. OMG...this is totally me right now! I was just talking to my husband about me getting a p/t job on the weekends cause we've been so short on cash. *sigh*
    8. Totally agree.
    9. Get out of my damn head girl. I've been fiending for peppermint mocha for 2 weeks but havent been able to afford one :(
    10. lol, these are pretty funny!

  2. 1. I know, right??
    2. Tip: YouTube videos!! Super easy to follow and I've learned SO MUCH from them. Also there are lots of stitch guides on the internet that you can use to learn patterns. But yeah, so far the most ambitious thing I made was a toque.
    4. I actually considered it at one point, but I can't walk (nevermind dance) in heels.
    5. Me too!! Except it tends to live on the little shelf in the hallway that is supposed to house keys and letters that need to be replied to. It usually looks like an avalanche recently swept through the apartment, depositing every scrap of paper on it.
    6. *sigh* money: the source of 90% of heart attacks.
    9. I finally gave in and got one...and they had burned the coffee and added too much peppermint. Totally wrecked it.

    Thanks for stopping by - always love reading your comments!! :)


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