Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Tried to get this ready ahead of time this week. The operative word being "try."

1. As a follow up to #5 on last week's Ten on Tuesday post, let me tell a little story. A cautionary tale, if you will. About two years ago, I had back surgery. It sucked, so I won't go into the details. Let's just say that for a couple of months afterwards I was on varying amounts of paranoia-inducing opiates and stuck at home with the attention span of a barfly and nothing to do other than watch TV. So what did I, in my infinite wisdom, choose to do? I watched every single episode of Criminal Minds ever made. In the course of less than two months. Now I have an "active" imagination (read: imagines crazy scenarios and is positive they are going to happen) at the best of times. Due to the painkillers, this was not the best of times. By the end of the CM marthon I was checking closets after J. left for work in the morning and showering with my eyes open lest I be attacked by an opportunistic psycho. If you knew how much shampoo ended up in my eyes, you'd understand the level of my paranoia. The moral of the story is: don't mix opiates and violent TV in large quantities, and always check the closets. Just in case.

2. It is officially hot chocolate weather. I am sitting here bundled up in my Uggs, sweater and wool scarf with hot chocolate and my little portable heater on... and I'm still freezing my ass off! Time to start dreaming of spring.

3. I love animals. People who are cruel to animals do not deserve to live. So of course, I signed up to support PETA (yes, I know, there's a lot of controversy, they're not the saints they claim to be, etc. etc. But they're doing something to raise awareness and support animal rights, so that's good enough for me). The problem is that after I unsuspectingly opened a letter with pictures of... well I can't even describe the pictures because they're too upsetting... I can't handle reading anything they send me, no matter how much I care about and want to support their cause. It's a bit of a predicament. They need to have options when you sign up. "Disturbing imagery forces me to act - please send me all your horrific images" or "I'm an emotional person and photos of abused animals reduce me to a blubbering wreck for days - please send me PG versions of your appeals so I can still open your mail."

4. Ugg boots may be Ugg-ly (oh, sometimes I do crack myself up), but they are like heaven for my feet. The problem is that where I live, we have about two days out of the year when it's cold enough to wear them, but not raining cats and dogs. Which means I can pretty much only wear them as house slippers. A fact I inconveniently forgot when leaving the house this morning, and I have been a prisoner in my office because I can't venture outside in my inappropriate footwear. *Sigh*

5. You can read the full account here, but I just needed to mention how AMAZING the Foo Fighters are in concert! Not trying to make you jealous (okay, maybe a little bit), I just had THAT much fun!

This is the actual finish from the Vancouver show.
6. The Misfits started again this Sunday. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a British show about a bunch of young offenders who get caught up in a magical storm and develop super powers. Yeah, when I put it that way it just sounds weird, or like some rip off of Heroes. But it's SO much better. Each character is very different, and at first they have nothing in common. But after a set of extreme circumstances, they develop unlikely friendships and, over time, end up looking out for each other. It's very well written, has some really interesting and unique story lines, and is fucking funny. If you're easily offended, this is not the show for you. If you like irreverent humour (sometimes straight up nasty) and sarcasm, watch it immediately. If not sooner.

I don't think there are any major spoilers in here, but it will give away the occasional minor plot detail. You've been warned!

7. J. got in a car accident last week. He's fine, but it's been really stressful, and considering it was his first week at a new job, it was the last thing he needed. He's an excellent driver (best I've ever been in a car with) and has gone over 16 years without a single proper accident. We've just found out his car is a write-off, which sucks, because now he'll have to spend some of his own money to replace it since there's no way he'll be able to get an equivalent vehicle for whatever the insurance company gives him. Mostly, though, I'm just glad he's okay.

8. I'm pretty sure my office plant has committed suicide. Ah well, it lasted an admirably long time. Most of them decide to off themselves pretty much the moment I bring them back from the shop.
9. After Friday night's bachelor party, I'm pretty sure I'm still hungover. And that my liver will never be the same again.

10. This post is late because today has been a really busy one and I didn't have time to take a lunch break to finish it. I'm tired. I'm grumpy. I'm cold. My head hurts. And I'm pretty sure that if I eat any more leftover Halloween chocolate my brain will explode, but since I don't drink coffee, it's all that's keeping my head from hitting the keyboard.

That's it for another week. Now go away and stop bothering me. Hmph.


  1. 1. I will definitely let my mom know this! haha
    2. It's not that cold in SoCal yet. I know I should be happy but deep deep inside, I'm not.
    3. Haha...I'm the same way! I don't mind helping out but seeing images of them all abused totally gets me into this dark sad, sometimes mental place. Keep the abuse photos to a PG13 rating please.
    5. Job well done. I'm officially a little jealous.
    7. I'm glad he's ok too. Sucks about the car being written off. About 6yrs ago my car had to be written off too but it was a blessing cause they ended up paying it completely off & I got a new one again :) Hopefully he'll find something.
    8. lol cute Angry Birds. Also, my plants don't last long either. I guess we just have rotten green thumbs *shrug*.
    9. Ooh la la sounds like one helluva night.
    10. Bwahaha thats totally me today. I went out to lunch w/my lil brother & now I'm so full I just want to pass out on my desk.

  2. 1. I hope your mom feels better soon. I'm worried. I don't know if she had the same kind of back surgery as I did - mine was a discectomy (two of them). Lower back. Horrible. Tell her it's really important to be patient with herself, move slowly and know that it will get better and she'll have her life back in a couple of months. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I hope she is on the mend!
    2. It's a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I love bundling up and wearing my cosy clothes, but on the other hand I hate how heavy my coat is when I take it off and I hate feeling like I'm suffocating whenever I go from outside to inside. I don't want to have to take off my bag, scarf, mittens and coat every time I go into a store to get something, so instead I just slowly swelter to death.
    3. Can't stand animals being hurt. Makes me despair of humanity.
    7. Hopefully they'll give him what it's worth and he can get a new one... we'll see!
    8. The weird thing is that I can grow a garden that thrives, it's just indoor plants that get depressed around me.
    9. It was. I discovered on Monday that I took pictures, which I had forgotten.... now I have blackmail fodder. *evil grin*
    10. This whole week has been like that so far. NEED MORE WEEKEND!!!

    Thanks for the comments, they made my day, as always!! :) Please give your mom my well wishes!


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