Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fill in the _____ Friday

It is the most gorgeous Friday out there! Super sunny, and cold enough that the grass crunches when you walk on it and my peppermint mocha tastes extra wonderful. I love this time of year!

  1. Love is... seeing someone for who they are and accepting them - flaws and all. It's okay to want someone to continue to grow and change as a person, but you have to start out loving them as they are rather than counting on them changing in certain ways before you can truly love them.
  2. Being in love feels like... you need to throw up. Just kidding.Well, mostly.
  3. My favourite quote about love is... I can't really think of a serious one, but I do remember this one episode of Sex and the City where Carrie interviewed a bunch of guys about their relationships. One of them said something along the lines of "My girlfriends are always trying to change things about me that they don't like - the way I dress, the things I do - the only thing I ever change is girlfriends." This sort of relates back to my #1.
  4. The most important thing in a relationship is... I don't think there's one all-important, magical thing in a relationship. I mean,  lot of people would say "communication" or "trust" or something like that, and those are important. But really, if you only communicated really well but weren't loyal or patient or kind... would that one thing really be so important? I think relationships are based on a lot of delicate balances, but at the basis you have to respect each other, realize that there is no happily ever after, work on it every day, try to be a good partner rather than find one, be honest with one another, patient with each others' faults, supportive of each others' goals and dreams and able to help each other feel comfortable and confident with who each of you are. And I'm sure I'm forgetting like a thousand other things.
  5. A "deal breaker" for me in a relationship is... someone who makes me feel like I have to be someone I'm not. Also cheating. And being abusive. And not making an effort to make the other person happy.
  6. The way I show love in my relationships is... Hmmm. I hope I do this in a bunch of ways - and probably different ones for my family, friends and partner. I mean, there's saying it, and doing nice things for the other person, and trying to help them out when they're stressed, being supportive and encouraging about things that are important to them....and always trying to get better, because none of us are perfect - far from it!
  7. I love... My family, friends, cats... and J., I suppose. ;)
Thanks to Lauren at The Little Things We Do for the blanks! Head on over and check her out!

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