Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ten on... Oops. Well, It Was Supposed to be Tuesday...

Sorry for the tardiness...

1. I spent the whole night last night making Christmas cards. That's right, I said "making." I cut stencils, busted out the paint and brushes and got busy. Hence the day late Ten on Tuesday!

2. I broke down and got one of those re-usable coffee cups that looks just like the red seasonal Starbucks cups. Now not only will I drink peppermint mochas all year long, but I'll do it from the seasonal cup! I know, I'm a total dork.

3. There are no new episodes of ANYTHING. I don't understand why this is happening. Didn't shows used to start in September and run right through until spring? I could swear they did. Let's go back to that.

4. My friend Bia sent me this the other day and said it reminded her of me. Spot on, I'd say.

5. I am re-watching the first season of the Buffy series. Yeah, THAT Buffy. Don't judge. It's awesome.

6. I think there should be very strict rules for public transit riders. Rule #1 - if you're carrying anything, it cannot hit any other passengers in the head. If it hits them twice, they get to keep it. That's right annoyingly snobby girl with your yoga mat. I'm talking about you.

7. So I plugged in the warming electric sheet thing on the bed because it's been so cold lately. The problem is, it does a great job of warming up the top part of the bed, not so much the bottom. Which is stupid, because it's always people's feet that are cold. Not their heads.

8. I spent the whole day today cleaning out my cubicle at work. I have a huge filing cabinet that I have not so much as opened in the year I've worked there. I decided I need some room in there to store stuff I actually use. While attempting to clear out some space, I found files in there from 1991. To put this in perspective, that means they were older than grunge and pretty much everyone who works at Starbucks. You can imagine the dust.

9. Poor kid. 
10. And finally, here's Jimmy Kimmel's follow up to his hilarious Halloween prank:

That's all, folks!


  1. 1. You made your Christmas cards?! That's just awesome.
    2. Look at you saving the planet with your reusable coffee cup, haha.
    3. This annoys me SO much. Im at home with nothing to watch, yet I'm paying $200 for cable? Insane.
    4. I love Natalie Dee's comics, she's hilarious.
    6. Love this rule.
    8.'re hilarious! "they were older than grunge" totally had me laughing forever.
    9. Aww that's not cool.
    10. Oh. My. God. I cant stop laughing! Thanks, I really really needed this today.

  2. I did make Christmas cards. Unfortunately (or, you know, fortunately), I did yours before I had this brain wave, so you got a proper store one. Sorry. Or you're welcome.
    I would be saving the planet, except I keep forgetting to take the damn thing with me. Fail.


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