Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.... Wednesday Edition

OK. Here we go. I missed Ten on Tuesday last week due to the creeping sickness, but I'm back! Just in time for the New Year!

1. Well, I am not making any promises, but I'm *hoping* to get back to my blogging schedule. Soon. Ish.

2. I discovered a new and amazing thing on New Year's Eve: two-chamber shot glasses! (I have absolutely no idea if this is actually what they're called, it's just the best description I can come up with!) They're shots served up in glasses that have one large chamber underneath to hold a chaser and a smaller bubble on top to hold the shot. The design means that the two liquids are kept separate, even if they would normally mix. The effect is shot and chaser in a single glass! Magic. I *may* have had a few of these on NYE....

3. The holidays kicked my ass. Not only was there the regular kerfuffle of family, shopping etc. etc., but I got sick. On Christmas Eve. Hence the prolonged absence from blogging - It was temporary, I promise! I seem to be all better now, but am still grumpy and tired.

4. So anyone who knows me knows that I do not experience emotional responses like "normal" people. They tend to be like 10 times stronger, and I have trouble figuring out where they come from and what to do with them. Day 9 did a series on random topics a wee while ago, and surprisingly enough, one of his videos describes how my emotions work pretty much perfectly. I call it the Kittens-to-Ninja-Stars ratio.

5. I have entered into an ongoing fiasco involving several ereaders. I got a Kobo for Christmas. YAY! It turned out to be very glitchy. BOO. So I returned it and did some research, concluding that my first choice was the Nook, and my second choice was the Kindle Touch. Sorted. Right? No. Turns out neither are available to ship to Canada, for some unfathomable reason.

So I was left choosing between options available in Canada (Kobo, Kindle with buttons or Kindle with keyboard) or buying on eBay, which comes with a risk of border delays and customs charges - not to mention no real purchase security if something goes wrong. Just as I was about to give up and get the less-than-ideal Kindle, a friend of mine showed me her Sony reader. I hadn't even considered it because it didn't do very well in comparison charts. After playing with it, though, I have NO idea why not! It's got nearly everything I wanted on the Nook and was only $120. Sold.

6.  I'm feeling the urge to purge. Don't worry, I'm not bulimic - I mean the house. There is so much STUFF everywhere, and I don't even remember the last time I used half of it. In addition to the ereader, J. also got me a shredder for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to going through my files and getting rid of all the bank statements I still have from like  a decade ago. It's seriously out of hand, people.

7.  On that note, I'm also looking forward to getting rid of a bunch of clothing and books. Yes, I said books. If you've ever been to my house, I'm guessing you left with a general impression of books everywhere. Well, there will still be lots of them, but now that I finally have an ereader I'm getting rid of all the cheap paperbacks that I either read years ago or bought and never even got around to reading. Either way, they've been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for years. Time to thin the collection down to books I actually care about, and hopefully get rid of a ton! (Pretty much literally.)

8. I recently discovered this series, entitled "My Drunk Kitchen." If you are having one of those days and need a good laugh, here you go. Starring cookies as biscuits and cheese as sorely missed. (You'll get it once you watch this and the grilled cheese sandwich episode.)

9. The weather has taken a turn for the wet. My boots, simultaneously, have sprung several leaks. My post-Christmas finances are a mess, and I am loathe to dip into the overdraft again, even for such essentials as rain boots. So the upshot is, my feet are wet.

10. The benefactor of Ten on Tuesday, the lovely Lin from Linny's Vault, is taking a week off blogging. Quite understandably, as you'll know if you read her most recent post. Send her some warm thoughts; she deserves them! Here's hoping she'll be back soon - the interwebs just aren't as funny without her!

Okay, so that about does it for my first TOT back! Hopefully next week it will actually be on, you know, Tuesday!


  1. 1. Me too. I like to blame the holidays & life for getting the way. Damn them!
    2. Seen them, never tried one. Sounds like one helluva night. I'm jealous since I was the designated driver on NYE.
    3. That sucks. I hate being sick.
    4. Hm, never really thought about it like that. He may have something going there. Also, I couldnt help but stare at his immensely hairy upper arms lol.
    5. Glad you finally found one you liked & I still can't believe B&N is missing out on all that money by not selling/shipping out of the US. Idiots.
    6. omg me too! I look around my bedroom & I'm disgusted by the amount of shit(aka: junk mail) I have tossed around/in corners. I swear it's a fire hazard in here.
    7. I've never been one to collect books. I buy them, read them & then donate them to the local library. My hubs is the complete opposite, he's a book hoarder. I'm really hoping the Nook w/help with this. Good luck getting rid of your books :)
    8. Ha, that's how everyone should cook.
    9. Oh hon dont even talk to me about overdraft. No lie I've been rejecting credit card calls all week haha. I know, not funny but yet still very true. Oh well, blame old St. Nick. Hope you find some extra moola for some new boots under the seat cushions.
    10. You're super sweet. And, I totally lurve you :)

  2. I'm super jealous of the Nook! I'm still trying to get my hands on one. I might see if I can get a used one on ebay because I have some ebay dollars to spend...we'll see. I can't help it - books are irresistible to me. It's at the point where the most likely cause of my death is an avalanche of books. It's time to thin out a little. Easier said than done! Hope you are feeling a bit better - and your mom too! xo


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