Friday, June 15, 2012

Foto Friday

Now that Fill in the Blank Friday has switched from short answer to essay questions, I'm on the hunt for something to fill the void. Fortunately Lin suggested the idea of sharing the Instagram photos from the past week. So this is the first installment of what I am going to call, for the sake of alliteration, Foto Friday. With original Instagram captions. Enjoy - and if you want to share yours, feel free to link up!

 Yep, that's the world's best birthday card. 

 That's right, my pen has a mustache and a jaunty cap.

 My desktop background, which I consider #art. #photoadayjune

 Being sick is a bit better when you've got a Kleenex box that looks like a #Tetris game.

 Apparently @jessicavancity thinks I feel fabulous. Guess she doesn't know I'm sick.

 Awesome parking job. Really, stellar.

 I appreciate the positivity, but I'm sick. I don't want to go for anything. 
I want to go to sleep.

Today's #photoadayjune topic is #yellow. Does my purse count?
It was that or a Post-It.

Want to share your photos of the week? Link up below!

1 comment:

  1. I want your pen, that's just straight up bad ass. While I'm at it I'll also take your tetris looking kleenex box :)

    Cute purse btw.


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