Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday...ish

1. I'm a day late. And several dollars short. Sorry.

2. Is it just me, or is the world getting crazier and crazier? Between bath salts, various "zombie" attacks in the States and the Montreal killing video and our very own body parts in the mail case, I'm starting to feel like being a shut-in ain't all bad, particularly if you have cable.

3. I'm participating in that Instagram thing, Photo A Day June (#photoadayjune). If you'd like to join in, here are the topics:

4. Don't go to this movie. You might think it would be mildly amusing, but in reality if everyone on the planet watched this movie, the human race would die out after this generation.

5. I told Lin that I'm having trouble finishing my 10 things, so she wanted me to express outrage that Liam Hemsworth is marrying Miley Cyrus. I honestly don't care, but for her: *outrage*

6. Follow up to my Zombie Slipper fiasco - Thinkgeek customer service sent me a form letter about how they don't control customs, to which I replied that if they bothered to read my original email properly, they'd see I acknowledged that and it wasn't my main point. So they replied with a link to their shipping policy talking about cheaper shipping options. I said that I'd picked the cheapest available on checkout - so either their system is stupid and doesn't have all the options available, or that wasn't an option for some reason. Either way, it doesn't help me. And the guy says "oh, well there are size and weight restrictions." I'm like, "well why did you send me the link, then? You know what I ordered." I ended up getting very annoyed that they didn't just say thanks for the feedback and we'll take it into consideration, which was all I really wanted. So now I don't like Thinkgeek and won't shop there again. Warning to international Thinkgeek potential customers.

*Update: The Thinkgeek Twitter people sent me this:

7. Vancouver all week:

8. If you don't have a cat and are thinking about getting one, consider this. Last night I was woken up every 15-20 minutes until 3 AM by one of my cats running around, trying to get me to pet her, scratching the furniture and playing with the venetian blinds. Why didn't I lock her out of the bedroom, you ask? It's not like I didn't think of that. If I do, one of the other ones who doesn't like closed doors will scratch the door, meanwhile she'll stand outside it and whine while clawing up the carpet. Still want a cute little kitten? Didn't think so.

9. I'm totally exhausted - and it's only halfway through the week. I need about five weekends stacked on top of each other.

10. A valuable lesson that is usually learned the hard way:

1 comment:

  1. 1. Meh. It happens & you're definitely NOT alone.
    2. Nope, it's getting crazier for sure. Also, I love you too much to lie to you so here it goes...I watched that video. It was awful & I'm SO glad that fucker was caught.
    3. I'm glad you're doing this!
    4. Stupid commercials make it look good. Liars!
    5. lol, I really am pissed about this.
    6. They really have no clue what a great customer they lost by pissing you off. Dummies.
    7. Bahaha, I want this umbrella.
    8. This is why I stick to a tortoise. That little shit just hangs out under his lamp.
    9. Word. No worries though, we'll get through this together. One sarcastic gchat msg at a time ;)
    10. Oh my god this had me laughing out loud for like 10 minutes!

    Thanks for the laugh hon.


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