Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happier Day - with Tunes, TV and TEA!!

So y'all saw my 'sad panda' post yesterday, and thanks for the suggestions - I have had a dance party with some awesome new music thanks to Martha (you should check out 'Little Talks' by Of Monsters and Men, 'Black and Blue' by Miike Snow and 'New Shoes' by Paolo Nutini - which I love but never knew who it was!). I also spent some time watching TV in my PJs and favourite hoodie and ignoring everything and everyone as suggested by Katrin (though no chips - I was too lazy to procure them from the store!).

I also recently discovered a love of rooibos tea, which I never knew was so amazing. I may or may not have had two cups of the 'After Seven' tea this morning - it's an amazing blend of mint and chocolate with this sweet aftertaste thanks to the rooibos. I discovered this and the 'Spicy Chocolate' teas at a local place called Pekoe Tea Lounge, which is just a couple of blocks from my work and has a pie and tea special for $6.95 (I think). I may do a whole post on them with some pics - they have an amazing little shop that's so cosy to curl up and drink tea and chat in, a HUGE selection of teas - their tester tower is gigantic - and they have a whole bunch of cup & saucer sets and you get to pick whichever one you like. Super cute and funky. They even have gluten-free pies! I recommend the apple blackberry because it tastes just like summer. If you're in Vancouver, definitely check it out.

Anyway, between the tunes, TV, tea and bright sunny weather outside, I'm feeling much better today. I guess it really was just one of those days, after all!


  1. So glad you're feeling better! That tea sounds great. Whenever I get my mitts on something like that I have a tendency to drink it all in a day!

    And you're too sweet with the shoutout <3 glad the music perked you up!

    1. Thanks! The tea is delicious - I think the mint chocolate one is the best. I've been drinking a fair amount, but since you only need about a teaspoon I don't think I could finish it in a day. Maybe a week? ;)


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