Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Thursday: My Hidden Talents...

  Lin, Meg and I are back with another super-challenging RT topic. I'm warning you, it ain't no 'Pet Peeves.'

See? Toldya. Now I'm not someone who tends to think about my good points - even the obvious ones. Let alone hidden ones. So this might get weird!

I can spray water clear across the room between the gaps in my front teeth. This is very useful when one of the cats is being naughty.

I've been told I'm funny... particularly when drunk. Apparently beer brings out said hidden talent.

I give excellent advice... to other people. My own life is a mess.

I make a mean apple crumble. (The secret is chocolate chips and real butter. What? I never said it was healthy. Geez.)

Okay, that's it. That's all I got. Your turn!

*Update: Thanks to Martha at Quick Cheap and Pretty for reminding me that I can also read upside down! Totally forgot about that one. When I was a kid and I ran out of books to read, I'd re-read my faves upside down. You know, just to make it more interesting. Yes, I'm a total dork. But a talented one.


  1. #1 is really impressive! :)
    And I totally know what you mean with #3. :)

    1. The cats don't think so! We have three - the boys are pretty chill, but the girl cat is insane. And FAST. She's always doing stuff she *knows* is wrong, and then waits until the last possible second to run away so you can't catch her. It's infuriating! Yeah, #3 is a big one. I feel like I've been giving out a lot of advice lately, and it seems to be working out for people, but I can't figure out what to do about my own problems! Also quite an annoying thing!

  2. We need to find a way to get that famous apple crumble of yours mailed to me. Seriously, I'm over here drooling at the thought of eating it's deliciousness.

    And yes, you do in fact give excellent advice :)

    1. Well it sounds like you'll just have to come and visit me. There's clearly no way around it. HA! Thanks!

  3. #1 is impressive. And, damn, now I'm hungry for apple crumble. Damn. :)

    1. Normally people think it's gross, which I guess it kinda is, but whatever it comes in handy! Yeah, I kinda want it too. Might have to actually do some baking this weekend! :)


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