Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random Thursday: A Day in the Life...


So  Lin, Meg and I have an extra challenging topic in store for y'all this week:

Who are we trying to kid? My life is BORING. I get up at stupid-early-o'clock, stumble into some clothes (hopefully right side out), to the bus stop and to work in an office where I sit at my desk nearly all day doing boring stuff. Then I trudge to the bus, spend another hour getting home and collapse in a pyjama-clad heap in front of the computer or TV. Yeah, pretty glam. Don't all die of jealousy simultaneously. 

But I've got one thing going for me. I've got a great imagination. Normally it works overtime convincing me that there's a serial killer hiding in the bathtub, but throughout my day it does come in handy as I imagine myself being somewhere else or use it to block out the less positive parts of the day. So rather than trying to make a pitifully boring day somehow interesting, I'm going to show you what goes on backstage in my brain while the whole thing is going down.

I have a long commute via public transit every day. On the down side, it's full of elbows and backpacks and people stepping on me. On the up side, I like to tune it out, watch TV on my iPod or focus on the view:

I also get to spend some time on the subway. Which I imagine is the Tube (in London, England for those of you who haven't heard that term before), which would be much more exciting:

At work I set my desktop backgrounds to suit my mood - usually it's either something seasonal (particularly christmas lights) or somewhere in the world I find beautiful so I can pretend I'm there. Like Italy:

At some point in the day the imaginary escapism usually stops working and I decide I need something comforting and the pick-me-up of a little fresh air, so I walk over to get one of these:

Sometimes on my lunch break I'll pick a store and go wander around. My current favourite is the cosmetics section at Whole Foods:

I like to see what's on sale, smell some of the yummy things and generally just not think about real life for a few minutes. At the end of the day I often take the bus all the way rather than the train so I can enjoy views like this:

I really do live in a beautiful city! Once I get home it's time for a bit of a wind-down. I usually spend some time watching YouTube videos (right now I'm really into A Model Recommends - see below) and vicariously shopping for and trying out beauty products. Inevitably I add one or two things to my wish list in the process! When I get bored of those I'll find a TV show to watch. Current fave is:

Then it's time for bed. Lately I've really been enjoying having a cup of tea (this one is my favourite), pampering myself a bit with some nice bathroom products - or maybe even taking a bath. Not quite as elaborate as this, but same idea:

Then I go to bed and try really hard not to think about the fact that I have to get up in about 6 hours! That's it for a glamorous day in my life. Now it's your turn to tell us what you get up to - come on, it's gotta be more interesting than this! Link up and share:


  1. You do live in a beautiful city!!! I like the Italy pic.

    1. I do... I often forget to notice though because I'm so busy trying to escape from the rain! Yeah, Italy is at the top of my wish lists of places to visit. Not gonna lie - mainly for the food.

  2. I love to take a bath and have a cup of tea in the evening! It is so relaxing!
    And wow, you really have a wonderful view during your commute!

    1. Me too - though I recently learned the hard way NOT to take my phone into the bathroom with me. Yes, I dropped it in the tub. Major relaxation fail as I had to jump out of the tub and flail about trying to find it and dry it off - all to no avail as it's now pretty much just a paperweight! Oops.

  3. commutes suck but holy hell that's some view!
    also, might end up obsessed with that YouTube channel...

    1. Yeah, it's really pretty on the two days a year it's not raining! It's okay, I'm obsessed too...


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