Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random Thursday: 5 Fun Facts About Me...

Hello again RTers! Hope you're ready for another installment with an all-new topic brought to you by Lin, Meg and I:

1. I'm a very light sleeper. I get woken up at the drop of a hat (probably literally).

2. I have no middle name. No idea why - I guess my parents were lazy.

3. I have had 12 different piercings at various points in time.

4. I totally judge books by their covers.

5. Both my parents are foreigners. (They're British).

That's it for this week! Link up below!


  1. I did not know that your parents are British! love that!
    I don't have a middle name either! And I also judge books by their covers. stupid cover, stupid book!

  2. I wake up so easily too. One of the cats will be sipping water from their dish and I'll wake up. So annoying!

  3. No middle name? Well, my brother makes up for it - my parents gave him 3!

    Parents are so weird sometimes.

  4. I wake up at EVERYTHING!
    Hate it. Lukas doesn't have a middle name. Always thought it was weird but now I kind of don't see the point of a middle name?
    I definitely judge books by the cover too. Can't help it!

  5. Light sleeper? Ugh you poor thing. I can sleep through almost anything. Kinda have to since the hubs likes to play computer games & watch tv while he sleeps. Ugh.

    Dude I totally judge books by their covers too. Nothing like a shitty book cover to make me drop it faster than a hot coal.


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