Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Thursday: 5 Things On My Bucket List...

Lin, Meg and I have an exciting topic lined up for ya this week. It's one that allows for your wildest dreams and flights of fancy:

Oh man, seriously, only FIVE? Whose bucket list is THAT short? Okay, fine, I'll try... but don't blame me if this shit gets out of hand and doubles. I have a lot of important shit to get done, mkay?

Okay, so it's not very likely, but still.... At any rate there are some books that I've always meant to read - mostly so I don't have to smile and nod blankly when they're referenced all over the damn place. But some of them scare me, so I keep putting it off. However, if I live to a ripe old age, I'd like to at least get through a few of 'em.

2. Take J. to London and Paris and Amsterdam and Berlin and Brussels and.....

I LOVE Europe. My parents are British, so I've spent a lot of time in the UK, but J. hasn't ever been. I want to share it with him, show him around - and FINALLY make it to Ireland and Scotland. I also want to go to some of my other faves as an adult so that I can appreciate them in a different light. I want to visit Shakespear & Co in Paris, go to breweries in Belgium and Holland, check out the south of France.... and I've never been to Spain and Italy and I really want to go.

3. Write a book.

Probably a short one, and probably co-authored with Lin. But still. If it has pages and a cover, it totally counts.

4. Get the hang of this "grown up" thing.

I'm terrible at it. At some point I want to get my driver's license (I sorta had one, but there's this horrid graduated licensing situation in BC that requires two road tests and I moved out and didn't have access to a car so I never passed the second one....), have a proper career, maybe have a family (though honestly that's more terrifying than being waterboarded), save money for retirement... all that shit. Yeah, I don't think it's likely either.

5. Become a ninja.

What? It could TOTALLY happen. I look great in black.

Right, I'll curtail myself there, though I have all sorts of other stuff on the list, like learning how to move things with my mind, fly one of those super-stealth military planes, roundhouse kick, make cheesecake from scratch...... it's a long list. But it's your turn. Let's hear it!


  1. I think it is a great idea to become a ninja!
    Love all the traveling and reading on your list and I definitely want to write my own book too.

    1. I really hope you do! I have a feeling it would be excellent. ;)

  2. Love all the traveling and reading! I'd love to visit Ireland.

    1. Me too! I have some awesome Irish friends who were very entertaining in Canada, so I imagine they'd be 5 times more entertaining in their natural habitat! Also the accents. I'd fall in love 5 times on the way to the corner store!

  3. Travel ..... Reading.... Ninja.... Wowie! Sounds fun! Lots to do!


    1. And if I were feeling REALLY ambitious, I'd do them all at the same time! ;)


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