Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Thursday: Beaches, Rustic Cabins or Cities?

Who's ready for some fun? I know I am. This week is killing me so far - and it's only Wednesday! At any rate, Lin, Meg and I have got a topic that ought to help you relax:

Right now I'm so exhausted that I'd take a vacation at the local bottle depot if it meant I could just chill for a day or two. But if I'm being choosy, here's my ideal vacation spots.

I can't really pick beach, cabin or city because each has their merits and all have to be considered individually. So. Here are my faves of all three.

1. Beach

In Hawai'i. Definitely. Last time I was there we went to this amazing white sand beach, soft and warm with clear turquoise water. I even swam with a turtle! Any beach that beautiful I could spend forever on.

2. Rustic

Any place that's quiet, cosy, but still comfortable is fine with me. The pic above is of the library in my favourite island bed and breakfast - my family used to stay there every summer. It's got quirky rooms, a great kitchen where you can cook your own meals if you want - but is also walking distance from a lovely restaurant. It's got a lovely porch and is about 10 minutes' walk from a private beach. Perfection.

3. City

Cities are also fun if it's one you can explore and wander around in. My favourite is, of course, London. But I'm heading to San Francisco to hang out with Lin in the summer, and I'm pretty excited to check it out!

Now it's your turn to share your favourite relaxing spots!


  1. The bed and breakfast you used to stay looks so great. Love the books and that it is so cozy!

  2. I'd love to go to Hawaii and London! Maybe someday. :)

  3. Bahaha - a bottle depot! You're such a dork. A very cute dork. Also, next time you go to Hawaii I'm totally stuffing my chunky ass into your luggage.


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