Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Thursday: Things That Help Me Relax...

So here's a topic I would bet the 2 bucks in my wallet every single one of you is familiar with. Lin, Meg and I what you to tell us all about:

1. It probably goes without saying, but J. He definitely helps keep me from going full psycho when I'm stressed. Still go about half psycho, though. Hey, he's awesome, but he's not a miracle worker.

2. So do my cats. One of them purrs as soon as you pick him up, all bleary-eyed from wherever he's been napping all day... and it just melts my heart.

3. Talking to Lin. Seriously, I'd be in a bouncy room by now if it weren't for that chick.

4. Beer. I get stepped on, poked, shoved etc an average of 20 times on my way to and from work every day. In the summer, when it's hot and stuffy and I've had to wait for my bus for an extra 20 minutes because it's inexplicably late AGAIN, I'm pretty grouchy when I get home. Beer helps.

5. Reading and watching TV. I'm an introvert, and sometimes going out in the world is exhausting. Escaping into another world for awhile usually helps me feel more calm in mine.

6. Projects. Whether it's blogging, stenciling, knitting, writing... whatever creative outlet I'm into this month is another way I can escape from the world and give my mind a chance to work through things.

7. Bath time, tea, and curling up in a cosy fleece blanket. Preferably in front of a fire with my twinkle lights plugged in. This is more of a winter thing, obvs, but I am a sucker for cosy.

8. Yoga. I haven't done this in awhile, but I think I really need to get back into it. My body has gotten more and more unhealthy (and yes, overweight) since my back surgery. Exercising is depressing since I'm in such bad shape and painful because my back just won't let me do as much. But it's also important, and on my list of lifestyle changes I really need to make.

9. Having a lost day. You know, the kind of day where you actively decide you're not going to do anything productive. You're going to play around on Facebook, read your book, watch trashy TV, not put on makeup or do your hair, eat cereal for dinner - and maybe even stay in your pyjamas all day.

10. Not doing things that don't absolutely have to be done. Like not putting photos in this blog post. Because I am tired and I want to finish up and go read in bed.

And on that note, I'm out! But I am tagging all of you to tell us your stress-busting secrets!


  1. Projects really do help with relaxing!! And I too need to get back into a yoga routine. I can feel the lack of flexibility setting in.

  2. I definitely need to start doing yoga again too. And yeah, cats are awesome. My cats always make me feel relaxed. And yes, beer.


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