Friday, May 20, 2011

Fill in the _____ Friday

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  1. People always tell me I look like... no one. I've been told I'm unique-looking. I've also been told I look like Jennifer Morrison, Julia Stiles and Malin Akerman. So apparently there's some difference of opinion.
  2. Friends don't let friends... act like idiots. If I think you're doing something stupid or if I think you're wrong, I'll tell you. I won't lie to make you feel better - though I will try to say things tactfully if I really like you.
  3. A sunny day is perfect for... sitting on a patio with good company or a good book and drinking a beer. Or grabbing a coffee and people watching.
  4. My favourite accessory is... I like the family crest ring my mom gave me and the watch an ex gave me years ago that's still nearly as good as new. I also like fun costume jewellry and one-offs. I got a great leather cuff awhile ago that I'm still digging.
  5. If I could afford it I would... take an extra day off at least once a month just to do "me" things. I'd also love to go back to school and make academia and learning my life's work. You know, if I were very independently wealthy.
  6. The cure for boredom is... finding something to do. As a friend once said, "you are responsible for your own good time." Irritating at times, but undeniably true.
  7. I am currently "in like" with... pancakes, raspberry beer, Grieves and The Rapture (so much fun to poke fun at!).

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