Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I might be getting the hang of this! The trick is to write things down as I think of them. Which, for someone who procrastinates as much as I do, is a much bigger deal than it sounds. You're welcome.

1. I know this seems to totally contradict #6 on last week's Ten on Tuesday post, but I'm not digging this early appearance of Christmas shit in the stores. It's not even Halloween yet, people! One holiday at a time! I know we all love Christmas, but starting it too soon ruins it by the time it actually arrives. It's a fine balance. I suggest waiting until all the Halloween candy is gone.

2. So apparently I used to throw things when woken up in the morning. I've outgrown that phase, but I still want to hit whoever thought that starting the work day so early that I'd have to get up before the sun was a good idea. After 30 years, I'm pretty sure this isn't a phase and I'm just not a morning person.

3. I don't care how much it grosses you out, I will not stop cracking my knuckles.

4. (Note: If you're still having nightmares about #9 from last week's Ten on Tuesday, you might want to skip this one.) Now the bathroom with the creepy hatch in the ceiling for zombie attacks has a broken fluorescent light that flickers and never really comes on properly. As if it weren't already a death trap.

Visit The Bloggess (a.k.a. The Funniest Woman in Existence) to read more!

6.  Warning: the first part where the dog gets hit is really upsetting (okay, I admit it, I teared up a bit. I'm a softy and I can't handle animals getting hurt - I wouldn't even read Charlotte's Web.), but the next part is amazing! If it helps, apparently the dog lived.


7. Last time I went into the pharmacy to get a prescription refill the pharmacist helpfully reminded me that I can call in ahead of time so I don't have to wait. It's like they don't even understand that waiting to get my prescriptions filled is the only time I can read trashy magazines without being judged. By me.

8. I know life is all about teaching us lessons - the main one being that as soon as you get comfortable, something goes horribly wrong. I'm not exactly an optimist, so most of the time I'm okay with this. But I wish that for awhile nothing would go wrong, that I could just relax and live for awhile. Maybe even have a vacation. Is that really so much to ask?

9. I've just discovered a marvelous little show (if you like violence and dead people) called The Protector. It's not in my top 5 or anything, but it has some good lines and the episode stories aren't bad, either. My favourite bit so far:

Neighbour: You're a police detective, right?
Det. Shepherd: Yes, something wrong?
Neighbour: Well yes, there have been several thefts in the neighbourhood, and some of us on the block thought you might be able to help.
Det. Shepherd: What's been stolen?
Neighbour: Gnomes.
Det. Shepherd: Gnomes.
Neighbour: At least, mine was a gnome. But we're missing all kinds of lawn ornaments. Flamingos, geese, St. Francis of Assisi, Venus on a half shell...
Det. Shepherd: I'm gonna be really honest with you. Gnomes are a little outside my jurisdiction. Now if you find a severed head, you give me a call. I've had a lot of success with severed heads. Nice to meet you!
Neighbour: ...

(In case you're worried, it turns out that Det. Shepherd's kid had been hiding the lawn ornaments in their shed. When she asked him why they were "hiding" in their shed, he said, "Because you're here." Aw.)

10. I've decided to sell some stuff on EBay - you know, makeup I bought and never used or was given, books I have duplicates of, DVDs I don't watch anymore, purses that just aren't my style... that sort of thing. So far it's really confusing and intimidating, and I've only listed three things. Wondering if it's really worth the effort. *Sigh.*

That's it for another week! And sorry for the late posting, I didn't finish it ahead of time as usual since I have been feeling really ill for about the last 24 hours. Starting to feel better though, so hopefully will be back to my normal shenanigans tomorrow. Have a great week, Ten on Tuesday-ers! And don't forget to read Lin's post on her blog, Linny's Vault

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  1. 1. Agreed.
    2. Me too! I hate being up before the sun. It should be against the law.
    3. Bwahaha...it's something I do every 30 minutes. That's probably not helping my carpal tunnel but whatevs.
    4. Yeah, I'd totally find another bathroom to use haha.
    6. Wow. Love the end.
    8. I've been asking the same question :(
    9. Gonna have to definitely check this out, sounds funny.
    10. I've never sold anything on ebay but have heard the same thing, it's pretty confusing & time consuming. I usually stick with Craigslist cause it's easy. Hope you sell the stuff quickly.

    Thanks for joining in, again. Love reading your 10!


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