Monday, October 31, 2011

Mopey Monday - But At Least There Are Zombies!!

 The fact that I find this hilarious is yet another reason that I should probably never have kids.

Happy Halloween, everyone! I found so many awesome Halloween pictures of ridiculous costumes, but this one is a winner. I also spent some time poking around on the interwebs yesterday looking for these awesome carved pumpkin pictures I found last year. Didn't find the same ones, but these will do:

You all want to dress like me. Halloween is the one day you can without being committed.

One pumpkin to rule them all...

Forget the zombies, that's scary right there.

The greatest romance story ever told.

And a couple of bonus Halloween Monday funnies for you:

Hope you all managed to borrow a child to take trick or treating (so you can keep all their candy "cos it's not good for them") - don't forget to check for razor blades!


  1. These photos made me giggle...and marvel at the pumpkin-carving technique. Thanks for sharing!

    megs [at] Shine On

  2. I know, right? No WAY could I make a pumpkin even half as good as these. I'm generally pretty proud if my pumpkin has separate nose, mouth and eye holes! Here's the ones I couldn't originally find that will really blow you away:

    Thanks for stopping by, and happy halloween! (BOO! did I scare you? ;)


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