Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

It's been a busy week - I nearly forgot to write my 10!

1. I survived curling. Just get that out there up front because I know you were all frantically calling emergency rooms and biting your fingernails. It's okay, you can relax now.

2. I am going to the Foo Fighters tonight. I cannot wait.

3. I am constantly confused by conflicting nutrition advice. If I listened to everything various "experts" said I'd be changing my diet every day or just never eating anything for fear of doing it wrong. Also - who really manages to eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables in a day?? Not me, that's for sure. I'm a person, not a rabbit.

4. Yesterday the email went down in our office for most of the day. It was really hard to do my job without it. Hoping our server (which apparently is in Texas???) is back up and running. Also I have a new keyboard which is great, except my fingers are confused and keep mis-typing. It's one of those stealth keyboards that doesn't make a loud tapping noise like my old one. I'm pretty sure that everyone in the office now assumes I'm not working at all, since they can't hear me typing.

5. I watch a LOT of crime dramas. To me, this is just good common sense:

Equally important: Check every room (including closets) for intruders every night before going to bed.

6. As much as I appreciate Facebook's concern for my social life, the "Find Friends" thing really isn't useful because it throws up the same people every time - and hundreds of them. If there were a way to remove people from the list that you don't know or really don't want to get in touch with again so you don't have to keep looking at them in the list, it would be much more useful. Take notes, Facebook. I'm full of complaints helpful suggestions.

7. I know I already had a music video in this post, but I am feeling particularly tired and un-inventive today.  Plus I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the new Florence + the Machine, so I'm really excited that the new album is out!

8. My lovely routine of writing stuff down all week so that by the time Tuesday rolls around all I have to hit publish fell spectacularly to pieces this week. I have now resumed my regular procrastination schedule.

9. It's unseasonably sunny in Vancouver, yet really, really cold all of a sudden. My routine hasn't yet adapted and I keep forgetting to grab my winter coat in the morning. By the time I get outside I'm usually running late so I can't go back in and get it, so I freeze my butt off all the way to work every morning.

10. I successfully made quiches last night. **Pats self on back**

That's it for another week - I will try to get back to jotting down notes for next week so it'll be a little more interesting!

1 comment:

  1. 1. Oh thank god you made it out ok. I was totally ready to send out the search party haha.
    2. So jealous!
    3. lmao..."I'm a person, not a rabbit" <--love this! It's so true though. I think I eat veggies maybe once a week, sad I know.
    5. Me too. If I'm home alone I'll always double check locked doors, windows, empty bedrooms & lock my bedroom door if I'm using the bathroom. You can never be too careful ;)
    6. I hate so many things about Facebook. That is all.
    8. Yeah writing stuff down hasn't helped me much either. Procrastination for the win!
    10. Very nice, congratulations.

    Thanks for the great read sweets.


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