Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zombie Slippers Will Cost Ya

Completely epic plush zombie slippers that are currently giving me stress-cancer.

I am MAD about something. And it's how much it costs to order shit over the internet. Instead of just sitting back, swallowing all my anger, and giving myself cancer, I decided to share my frustration with you lucky readers. Here's the whole story (in email form, because this is what I sent to Thinkgeek, where I ordered the offending items):

Hi there,

I recently placed an order on your website for a $20 pair of zombie slippers. Great deal, I thought. Then I went to checkout. Apparently, since I live in Canada, and your shipping method is courier, the shipping cost is exorbitant. And also because I live in Canada, adding extra things to the order to get free shipping wasn't an option. In the end it cost more than the item just for shipping. I wasn't very happy, but decided to suck it up because they're a present.

I just got a call from the courier you use regarding the buzzer for my building, but when I was talking to them, they also mentioned that now there's an extra $17 customs charge for the item. So now I'm faced with the really irritating conundrum of either refusing delivery and sending them back to you, and I'm sure that I'll still be out the $25 I paid for your courier delivery service, or pay an additional charge that is almost as much as the item I ordered, making a $20 pair of slippers into a $62 pair of slippers. My reaction? Are you freakin' KIDDING ME??

Now, I know that you guys don't control customs. I have no idea why customs charged me $17 to allow a pair of plush zombie slippers entry into Canada. It seems silly to me, however not your fault. But on top of the already steep shipping cost, and with it not even having occurred to me that customs might bill me for such a ridiculous item, I'm left feeling completely ripped off.

I'm writing you this because I thought it might be valuable to you to know how your international customers feel when ordering from you. I'm writing because maybe, if you get enough people sharing frustrating experiences, you'll consider offering cheaper international shipping options for your customers (I really don't need my zombie slippers to arrive overnight, I'm good with waiting a week or two, thanks).

As it is, regretfully, I simply won't be able to afford to order anything from your company again, despite my desire to gift fun-loving friends with zombie paraphernalia. So your shipping choices have lost you a customer, plus the several friends I had raved about your products to who I will now rant about this horrid experience to. Some of whom, I'm sure, would have very much enjoyed a pair of plush zombie slippers of their very own.

With much annoyance,


I'll let you know what they say. But I'm guessing it won't be "our bad, here's a gratis pair of matching plush zombie slippers."

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  1. How awesome would it be if they actually gave you them gratis?! I think I may just tweet them suggesting they do that haha.

    Also, your shipping cost issue would totally be fixed if you just moved to the US already. Preferably sunny CA, the southern part.


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