Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Thursday: What would you do with $1 Million?


It's time for Random Thursday, hosted by Lin, Sarah, and myself! Welcome (and welcome back) to everyone who's joining us this week! We're looking forward to reading your posts on this week's topic, which is:

If I Had $1 Million...

We've all thought about what we'd do if we won the lottery or if a rich relative we didn't know about left us a large inheritance, so why not share those plans with us. What would you do if you had $1 your dream car? Build a custom-made mansion? Invest? Go on a 50k shopping spree?

Realistically if I had a million dollars I'd pay off my house, buy a car and then invest the rest of it... but since no one is going to find that interesting, here's what I'd do if I wasn't trying to be responsible!

1. I'd go to Powell's Books - a.k.a. my Disneyland. It's a huge bookstore, and I'm sure I could get lost in it for days!

2. I'd buy myself some awesome leather boots. Preferably these Prada ones that I'll never be able to afford in real life!

3. I'd go to Italy. I'd love to see... well, pretty  much all of it... but I'm fascinated by this village called Manarola. Here's why:

4. And of course, I'd go on a MASSIVE Sephora spree.

5. I'd take at least a month off, go somewhere pretty, and read and read and read!

6. And I'd spend some time in London, because it's pretty much my favourite place in the whole world!

7. Late addition: You guys are putting me to shame for not including a charitable idea in my millions. I meant to, but I had trouble deciding which cause and gave up. But thanks to Lin, I'm thinking I'd want to start something close to home - some scholarships for underprivileged kids to go to college or trade school (because I think it's a travesty how little financial support our government provides to educate us), after school programs for kids, and some help for those who suffer from health problems (primarily mental) whose support was cut a few years back. That would be a good start!And of course, I'd either set up a no-kill animal shelter, or help fund one. I'm sure I'd also end up adopting a few new ones...

I'm sure there are plenty of other fun things I'd do... but those are the ones that come to mind! What would you do? Where would you go? Share and link up below!


  1. I would totally spend daaaayyyys in a book store!

  2. Dang, I totally went responsible with mine. :( If I were to do "fun and interesting," I'd buy a fancy shmancy car, buy a bigger house, go to Italy, and fly J.K. Rowling to me so she can read me the HP books. :)

  3. That bookstore looks amazing, I am sure you'd get lost finding all sorts of neat treasures in there!! I would love to go to Italy and London too. If I was in Iatly I am pretty sure I'd eat my way through it?? New follower from the link up! Thanks for hosting!!!

  4. Dude, that store looks freakin' amazing. If you do win the lottery, you're so treating me to a field trip there with you...girls day! haha

    You're right, there aren't many programs out there for underprivileged kid or kids that have mental health issues. Good for you for wanting to change that, hopefully someone's looking out for mankind & they'll let you win the lottery :) And, I may just be saying this because I want to girls vacation with you. Maybe.

  5. Gosh, i totally did not include travel! But i guess if i owned a home free and clear it would free up tons of money to save for travel! I am right there with you on traveling through Italy! My hubs would be too!

    Thanks for the link up!

  6. I'd totally do lots of the same things - I guess all girls have something about shoes on their list ;-) And if you're going to Italy anyways with your million, then just head to the Prada factory stores... xo Anja


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