Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's cloudy, for the first time in ages. So I have a headache. I know, I don't get it either, but I've noticed every time the weather changes after being the same for a long time, that happens. ???????

2. I caved and bought the September issue of Vogue. And then discovered it was too heavy to carry home.

3. Having cats sounds great in theory, but it means you can never have carpet or rugs in your house again.

4. It's only Tuesday. I need another weekend. Like, now.

5. I've discovered this game called Bubble Shoot. It's the simplest game in the world, but somehow I can't get past the level I'm on, and I've been trying for 24 hours. It's driving me insane.

6. I just started watching this show called Common Law - it's about these police partners who are a great team, but who fight all the time. Their boss went through couple's counseling with his wife and it saved his marriage, so he decides to make the partners attend. They're amusing, and if you like crime dramas, it's not bad!

7. I think I might have a sign on my forehead that says "please hit me with your bag." I've gotten hit in the head and/or shoulder by people's bags on the bus about 10 times so far this week. Not amused.

8. I also started watching Warehouse 13 last night. Yes, I am desperate for TV now that even the summer programming is ending. It's sort of like the X-Files meets the Mummy meets Dr. Who. Jury's still out.

9. So far my Happy Water isn't making me any happier. I think it's defective.

10. The giggles:

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  1. Cloudy days always give me massive headaches, I hate it. Hubs says it has something to do with the pressure or something.

    Haha, it looks like we both have the same reaction to feelings.


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