Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Thursdays - Currently Obsessed With


Welcome to the very first Random Thursday hosted by myself, Lin and Sarah! Lin, as I'm sure you'll know by now, is one of my favourite people in the whole world, much less the blogosphere. She's hilarious, smart, sarcastic, and totally gets me. She also doesn't seem to mind all the swearing. Sarah is a new blog friend who I'm very much enjoying getting to know via her blog, Sunlight After Rain. You'll like her. I promise.

We are super excited to bring you a new topic every week, and I've been dying to get posting since Lin asked me to co-host! So without further ado, our first Random Thursday topic is....

1. Pinterest

Yes, the devil has got me in its teeth. I have had an account for ages, but never really got into it. but on Tuesday I had to learn more about it for work, and.... well, it just drew me in! It's not my fault, I swear.

2. Blue Bloods

I tried to watch the first episode of this when it originally came out, but for some reason it just didn't take. Now I have no idea why - I am totally addicted! I've flown through the first two seasons in record time and now very impatiently waiting for it to come back on again.

3. Make Up For Ever Lipstick in N31

If you read my makeup blog, you'll know that I LOVE me a good, bright pink lipstick. Unfortunately, I have trouble with matte ones drying out my lips, so I'm always on the lookout for one that gives a great colour without the dry texture. This one is from Make Up For Ever's "Natural" finish line, and is more sheer than their intensely pigmented line. So far? Loving it.

I hope you enjoyed perusing my current obsessions - and don't forget to click on the links below to read more from other bloggers! And why not share your own?


  1. Oh wow, the color of that lipstick is beautiful!

    1. I know, right? Will definitely be checking out the rest of this line! :)

  2. Ever since you've brought up Pintrest a few days ago I can't get off of it! Damn you Em, lol. I heard Blue Bloods was a really good show but ended up taking a pass on it since Donnie Wahlberg was it. However, now that the person who got me addicted to CM is recommending it, it might be time to look it up ;)

    1. Well on the plus side if you're blogging or cleaning up or whatever and have Blue Bloods on in the background and aren't actually "watching" it, you'll see Mark Wahlberg in your mind, since their voices are exactly the same. Oh, Pinterest. Such an evil invention!

  3. That's a beautiful pink lipstick! I'm totally hooked on glosses but a bit scared of lipstick. I can't seem to find a color that I think looks good.

  4. I used to be (and still am, most of the time) the same way! I think the real trick is finding the right texture of lipstick, as well as the colour - and keeping them moisturized. I still don't ever rock matte lipstick!

    I like this one because it's "natural," so it's a bit smoother and less intense. MAC has one called "Sweetie" that is a really pretty neutral pink with a bit of a sheen to it that I reach for a lot - it's not at all intense, just a nice, pretty, natural shade.

    I also like Korres Lip Butters because they leave a bit of a stain, but aren't too intense. I guess the main thing is to experiment and slowly move towards the bright reds and pinks!

    Thanks for stopping by! (And, as you can tell, I'll take any excuse to chat about makeup!) :)


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