Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Thursday - First Celebrity Crushes

Welcome to this week's Random Thursday with Lin, Sarah - and me! Who's ready for a brand spankin' new topic? I thought so. Well, here it is!

 This is going to be a short one for me. I fell for this guy when I was 7... and I've never gotten over him.Seriously, if he showed up on my doorstep I'd be pretty damn tempted to run away with him. (It's okay, J. knows ALL about it.)

I saw him in Labyrinth, and that was it. What can I say? Even with terrible '80s hair, the heart wants what the heart wants. 

Now share your celebrity crush(es) - don't worry, we won't judge... much ;)


  1. I remember him from Labyrinth, he was a bit of a looker with his intense eye makeup, haha. To this day I can't listen to one of his songs without blasting the radio.

  2. He really is a legend! You must love him!

  3. David Bowie is another celebrity that just seems to get better with age. Every time I think of him all that comes to mind is him as the Globin King in the Labyrinth and the songs in that movie.


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