Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random Thursday - Items I Often Hoard...

Welcome back to Random Thursday! This week is bitter/sweet - on the one hand Lin and I are bidding adieu to Sarah, who needs to foculs on real life for awhile (I know, I'm as confused by this concept as you are). We'll miss her as a host - but she promises to post RTs as often as she can!

Though she's utterly irreplacable, we've recruited a new addition to the RT hosts, who will be just as awesome in ways all her own. Meet Meg - you might have seen her blog before since she has been part of the RT family of weekly link-ups for awhile - but if you haven't yet, go check out her blog and welcome her to our crew! So without further delay, here's this week's RT topic!

This is another topic I could contribute a lot to... but I'm going to limit myself, given the ramblings of last week, to just a few! Here they are:

1. Books

I've loved them since I was a kid, when I used to save up my allowance to buy Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. (What can I say, I've always loved mysteries). Now I am partial to essays, true crime, books about sex and, believe it or not, young adult series. 

2. Makeup

I LOVE makeup, as you may have noticed from my makeup blog. Which, if you knew me, would come as a surprise since in no other way am I a girly-girl. I don't have an extensive collection of purses, I don't know how to walk in heels and I'm almost always in jeans and a hoody. But something about it fascinates me and I love playing with it and creating new looks. I tend to buy whatever my current fave is in backups so I don't run out, hence the hoarding reference...and no, that isn't my train case above. I put it in because I wish mine was that organized, and because if you click on the picture it'll take you to a handy article about streamlining your makeup collection. Cos I can't help you with that.

3. Art Supplies

I'm not exactly an artist (I can't draw particularly well and have never had the patience to learn), but I do enjoy dabbling around with the odd collage or stencil. I've always loved craft and art supply stores and have bins of pencils, pens, paint, brushes, xacto blades, spray paint + caps, markers... you name it, I probably have it somewhere.

4. Yarn

I love knitting, though I don't do as much of it as you'd assume if you saw my huge yarn collection. I love the different colours and textures and creating something I can use on a daily basis. Usually a scarf, because it's rectangular and therefore easy to knit. But still...

5. Journals 

I've always been fascinated with journals and diaries. As a kid Anne Frank's diary was my favourite book, and I wasted reams and reams of paper scribbling out teenage angst. I still collect notebooks, though these days I blog more than I write. I'm particularly fond of Moleskines and have a fair few of them!

I'll stop there, though I could keep going - I'm like two years and a few more skeins of yarn away from being a serious hoarder! So to make me feel a little less odd, link up below and spill - what do you collect irrationally??


  1. I love that you collect art supplies too. I have so many pens, acryl colors, oil colors, sketch pads etc. Love it.
    And books. You can never have enough books I guess. :)
    And I am also a huge make up lover. I did not even know about your make up blog so I will go and check it out!

  2. You & Rusty could probably open up a big book store with just the books you own. Like you, he loves to save them & re-read them every few months...strange. I had no idea you liked to art supplies so much, sweet. My yarn collection's getting pretty big now, starting to think I need storage bins too. Not sure that's a good thing since I have like no room in my closet for it haha.

  3. thanks so much for the welcome!!
    I too love love love notebooks, I have way too many that have never had anything written in them. I hate ruining them with my ugly handwriting lol
    I love collecting makeup too. I hardly ever wear it out but I'm like you, I like trying out different looks every now and then.

  4. I collect the journals that I have already written in. I think I have two kicking around that haven't been used yet and it's only because I stockpiled when my favorite journal went on sale for 30%. Little did I know it's because Indigo wasn't going to sell them anymore. I should have bought more.


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