Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Thursday: What's In My Purse...

Time for another awe-inspiring topic on Random Thursday with Lin, myself and the newly added Meg! This week's topic is one that will either intrigue or strike fear into the hearts of all you ladies out there:

 Okay. So first of, all I'm in that second category. The strike-fear-into-my-heart category. It's no wonder I have a bad back with all the crap I lug around on a daily basis. I carry one of those Matt & Nat hobo bags - the big one. Full. That oughta put it in perspective.

So because of this, I'm going to spare you all the boredom of hearing about errant receipts, random small change, the odd kitchen sink and occaional volvo, and just go with the highlights. The things I use all the time, that I would take if I was forced to actually, you know, clean out my purse, and the ones you might be even vaguely interested in. I'm also going to try to do this from memory to avoid being swallowed whole by said purse. So here goes.

1. Wallet
 Getting worn around the edges, stuffed with old receipts and cards for places I don't remember ever going, let along going recently, this thing weighs as much as your average brick. But hey, on the plus side if I ever forget it somewhere I notice within  30 seconds because of how light my bag feels. So there's that.

2. Phone, keys, iPod
 The boring but essential stuff.  My phone isn't in the picture because I was using it to take the picture.

3. E-reader
 I don't always have this with me, just when I'm in the middle of a juicy story. 

4. Hat & gloves

It's freeeeeeezing outside. Without them I can't feel my ears or fingers. I've given up on knowing if I even have a nose.

5. Hand sanitizer

I'm a total germaphobe. Who spends 2+ hours on public transit every day. This comes in handy. (Get it? HAND-y?)

6. Makeup bag

Probably the most organized part of my purse. I actually empty this out and keep only what I need in there.

7. Moisturizer

I have trouble with really dry skin, particularly in the winter, so I always need to have moisturizer with me.

8. About 20 tubes of lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick

I put them in there and then I forget they're there and then I add more because I think I don't have any. Next thing you know, there are more shades of lipstick in there than in my bathroom. I clear them out every once in awhile, but it doesn't take long for them to accumulate again.

9. Notebook and pen

You never know when inspiration will strike!

10. Gum and.... salt

Yeah, so I know it's a bit weird, but I LOVE salt. I eat it on every meal. So when I was at this funky general store-type place and discovered that the little case didn't have breath mints, but instead was chock full of flaked salt.... well, I figured when you find a product tailor-made to fit your complete weirdness, you get it. So I did.

That's it for my purse - what about you?


  1. Wow, you definitely have more stuff than I do. I often switch my handbags, so anything that I don't use regularly will get tossed out. So girls, my lesson: buy lots of purses and often use another one, and your bag will be clutter-free. (That's how I rationalize my purse-buying to my hubs, by the way.)

  2. Now I don't feel so bad about lugging around the kitchen sink!

  3. I always carry hand sanitizer too. It makes me feel so much better to know that it is there when I need it.

  4. Haha I love the graphic in the beginning!! Thats how I used to feel

  5. I was on board with everything and then I was like "salt?" But I totally can't judge. I currently have a two day old banana in mine that I do not foresee eating any time soon. It should be good for another day, right?

  6. I love how you carry sea salt with you! My new obsession is sprinkling sea salt on top right after I bake chocolate chip cookies.

  7. Your hat & your gloves are ubber cute. Are those the mitten kind of gloves? Cause that would be so damn awesome. They always remind me of baby mittens haha. My wallet't totally worn out, had it for like 6 years maybe. I'm totally picky though so that's why I havent gotten a new one.

    Not gonna lie, the salt totally threw me off but there are times when I buy food that's totally lacking salt & all I can think is 'damn, I wish I had salt for this!' haha.


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