Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Random Thursday: Music I Never Get Tired Of

Lin, Sarah and I have a real treat in store for you this week:

Dunno if you've picked up on this yet, but I'm an audiophile. I don't think the world would be worth living in without music. At least, I wouldn't want to live in it. I like a wide range - however I'll freely admit I'm picky, and I'm a total snob. So you won't find any Gaga, Bieber or 50 Cent in this list. It's impossible for me not to get carried away when I start creating a playlist - which is basically what this is - so this is gonna get messy. Read on at your own risk if you wanna lose most of the rest of your day down a music rabbit hole starting with some of the jams I rock out to. You know, just a few.

1. Incubus - Drive

This is in my top 10 favourite songs of all time - and has been for YEARS. Somehow I never get sick of it, and it makes me happy every time I listen to it. I finally got to see Incubus (in a lineup with Linkin Park and MuteMath) and it was a pretty fantastic night. Cross that off the bucket list. I decided to share the MTV Unplugged version with you because I love it, and because you might not have heard it before.

2. Foo Fighters - Pretender

I love the Foo Fighters. I love their music, I love their energy, I love their band dynamic. I read This Is A Call last year, the book about Dave Grohl, and then I went to see them live. Man, seeing the Foos in concert is an experience second to none. Grohl's energy is enough to power an entire stadium of people for 3 (or more) hours, and the group's chemistry and enjoyment is contagious. There are so many FF songs I love - Everlong, Rope,  My Hero, Times Like These, Learn to Fly.... but if I absolutely had to pick one favourite, I'm pretty sure this would be it. Though you should definitely check out this video for These Days if you haven't already - so awesome.

3. NIN - Everyday is Exactly the Same

Chances are that if you've seen Wanted, scenes with James McAvoy will now be popping into your head. Well, lucky you. But even without that, this song is great to listen to when you're pissed off and stuck in transit to or from work. It'll help you not punch that annoying person who has stepped on your foot three times. I promise.

4. Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

The song is good; the music video is better. See if you can spot all the cameos.

5. PUTS - San Francisco Knights

I discovered this one in the credits for one of my favourite graffiti movies. I rewound and replayed it three times and have been in love with these guys ever since. Crank it, have a dance. I dare ya.

6. Atmosphere - The Best Day

As you can tell, I'm not a hugely upbeat person a lot of the time. So I'm always on the lookout for anything that buoys my spirits. This song has been in regular Monday rotation since it came out (along with a lot of other songs by Atmosphere). If you're having a rough day, it'll cheer you up. Guaranteed. Also if you're arguing with your parents about whether hip hop is poetry, spend some time listening to other songs by Atmosphere. They'll give you great ammunition.

7. Kings of Leon - On Call

I'm quite the fan of Kings' music, but this song at the top of my list. Also check out Use Sombody, Sex on Fire and Taper Jean Girl.

8. David Bowie (feat. Trent Reznor) - I'm Afraid of Americans

As you'll know if you've followed my blog for awhile, I've been in love with  Bowie for about a quarter of a century. He was my first love. I'm also a NIN fan, so this collaboration blew me away. If you want to know some of my other Bowie faves, check out I'll Survive, Little Wonder, Hero, and, of course, Space Oddity (Ground Control to Major Tom).

9. The Tragically Hip - Grace, Too

Sadly, the Hip have fallen off a bit since the late '90s. But when I was in high school, they were epic. Some of my best concert memories are seeing them live at one of the festivals I went to as a teenager (I think it was at Another Roadside Attraction, but they sort of blend together in my memory). On stage, they're gods. And I have so many favourite Hip songs that I had a really hard time picking. Courage, New Orleans is Sinking, Little Bones, 38 Years Old, Scared, Wheat Kings.... the list goes on and on.  Plus, they're Canadian. Love.

10. Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Live - Boxed Set)

I first came across this song on a compilation CD I picked up in the UK (the second Best Album in the World... Ever, I think). It was love at first listen. This song has been in roation for nearly 2 decades, and while it gets less frequent over time, it's never off the list. The Sneaks have a lot of great songs (Destroying Angel, Splinter, Low Five) - some with the original  vocalist, Kelli Ali, and a lot once Chris Corner took over. So much talent. Haunting melodies. Great for when you're feeling whimsical or want a sing-along.

And the Kelli Ali original version:

11. Grieves - Lightspeed

Grieves opened for my fave hip hop crew, Atmosphere, at a show in Vancouver awhile back and I discovered that not all new hip hop is depressingly horrible. I was lucky enough to catch Grieves again at the Biltmore a few months later - seriously, best deal ever. $13 bucks for one of the funnest shows I've been to in years. Bloody Poetry, Sunny Side of Hell and On the Rocks are also excellent.

12. Chase & Status (feat. Plan B) - End Credits

I think I first discovered this one in one of my favourite British TV shows, Misfits. Pieces is also good, another collaboration between C&S and Plan B. Also check out Plan B's album The Defamation of Strickland Banks (best track: Prayin') and Chase & Status songs Embrace, Blind Faith and Flashing Lights.

13. Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle

I don't know what it is about this song, but it just makes me pick up my feet and forget my worries a bit every time I hear it. It's a bit more hipster than I'm usually into, but give it a go.

14. Asteroids Glaxy Tour - Golden Age

Better known as the Heineken song. Mmmm....Heineken.....

So I figure that's a playlist about the length of your average CD...probably enough to be going on with. If you want more, check out my public YouTube Music playlist here - It's a new one and I'll keep adding to it. Now I wanna know: what songs get you going on a Monday morning? Help you not kill those annoying fuckers at work? Pick you up when you're feeling down? Link up!


  1. Oh yeah, "Drive" is always great. It reminds me of so many great days! =)

  2. I love love love the Foo Fighters! What a great song!

    And thanks so much for being such a great cohost for so long. I am so sad to leave but I know what you guys are going to come up with is going to be amazing and I can't wait to see it!

  3. I love the Foo Fighters and I love that NIN soung as well. You're right, it makes me think of 'Wanted' right away lol.

  4. Dude, I could spend all day on your blog just listening to these songs. The last one always gets stuck in my head.

    Damn you, Asteroids Glaxy Tour for this catchy song!


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