Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Thursday: Top 5 Worst TV Shows

I'm not sure about Meg, because she's new here, but Lin and I watch a LOT of TV. Hey, we're busy modern ladies with a lot on our plates and limited energy. Don't go judging. Anyway, in our trolling for great TV, we unfortunately encounter a lot that isn't up to par. This week's topic is all about the ones that made us laugh (derisively), shake our heads, or just stare in horror:

I tend to just seek out the TV I want to watch and spend very little time surfing the channels, but I have been unfortunate enough to come across a few truly AWFUL shows - mostly when we were in Cuba and had about three English channels all with terrible TV on them. Here are a couple:

1. Moonshiners

I have never come across a more mind-rotting, boring, prejudice-inspiring form of "entertainment."  If you've never seen it, don't. You can thank me later when you need those brain cells for something.

2. Couple's Therapy

One word. "Dourtney." 

3. Hart of Dixie

I honestly have no idea why this show is still on the air. Rachel Bilson as a surgeon? Are you KIDDING me?? Just no.

4. Pretty much any reality TV show

I don't care if it's about teen pregnancy, coupon collecting, hoarding (which is pretty much the same thing), budgeting, controlling unruly children or planning a wedding on a budget. HATE. THEM. ALL.

5. Toddlers & Tiaras

I haven't actually watched this one, but I'm so certain I'd hate it that I'm including it anyway. Pretty sure it would rot my brain.

Now it's your turn. What bores you to tears? Makes you question the sanity of the human race? Makes you want to move to a different planet where they only have British TV (just me there, then? Oh.)? Link up and share!


  1. OMG. I think we have the same brain. You are the only person I've ever seen write that they hate reality t.v. I thought I was alone! And when people say they like Hart of Dixie, I always think they're first. Great list!

    1. There are very few reality TV shows that I can stand. I'm a bit of a makeup fanatic, so I like Face Off and the photo shoots from Top Model.... but not all the drama in between. I end up fast forwarding like 90% of the show. Most of them are vapid and pointless and make me hate the world!

  2. I've never seen Toddlers & Tiaras but I know I would dislike it.

  3. Hey now, dont go knocking all reality tv. I mean, there's some good one's out there... (said no one ever).

    I've seen Moonshiners, it's not THAT bad. Definitely seen worse *cough* Finding Bigfoot *cough*. The only good thing to come from Moonshiners is the hubs finding out he really loves Moonshine. Ick...just looking at that Toddlers & Tiara's poster makes me want to rip my eyes out.

    1. Lin, I love you in spite of your sometimes questionable taste in TV... but it only works if I can ignore it.

      Sorry, lady, but I can't cut Moonshiners a break. EVERYTHING about it made me want to pierce my eardrums and tear out my eyes just to

  4. I have watched Toddlers and Tiaras and it made me angry. Such a terrible show!

  5. I'm not gonna lie I LOVE reality tv. almost all of it.
    HATE moonshiners, by roommate used to watch it. terrible.
    sometimes I will turn on toddlers and tiaras and instantly always hate myself for it.
    those poor kids.

  6. LOL reality shows are terrible! But they're good for jaw-dropping entertainment.


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