Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Thursday: My Dream Home...

Random Thursday o'clock with Lin, Meg and I! This week's topic is all new and hopefully will get those creative juices flowing!

So I'll come clean. Along with not really giving a crap about fashion and style, I'm not one for fancying up the ole abode. I like it to be lived in, clean (though probably not tidy) and... well, to feel like me.

I don't spend a ton on furniture, I don't match stuff and most of my furniture is hand-me-down. But one thing I do love is books. I am inspired by libraries and most of the time when I think about my perfect house, I'm imagining a porch with comfy reading chairs, reading nooks, a window seat to sit and read when it's raining, a fireplace with cosy armchairs. And bookshelves. Lots of bookshelves. So here are some pics that made me daydream.

What an amazing use of space. Plus when 
you look at the ceiling to daydream, you've got a good view!

I would have killed for this when I was a kid.

Not crazy about the antlers... but the rest is pretty cool!

I love how organized and tidy and cosy this place looks. 
My home will NEVER look that good. It's like grown up 'n' shit.

If I had this reading nook I'd probably give 
up watching TV entirely.

So we don't get a LOT of summer days here, 
but for the ones we do get... this would be perfect.

I like how homey and bright this one is. 

I love how it's messy.... but in a really good, homey way.

Whereas this is way more stylish than I could ever aspire to.

I wish I could step into this picture, curl up in that chair, 
and spend days there reading one book after another. 

I love houses that have kind of "hidden" nooks to curl up in.

Possibly the coolest chair ever. I'd pile pillows 
until you couldn't even see me in there.

That's probably enough bookish home decor for all of you, so I'll stop. Though I could totally keep going. Now it's your turn to share your dream home with us! Link up:


  1. Oh man, I love all of these ideas for cozy bookworm nooks. Sigh. Someday!

    1. I know it's not really necessary to have multiple book nooks, but if I were rich, I'd totally have like 10!

  2. love all of these!! tried to pick my favourite but I couldn't. it's a tie between 5, 6, 7 and the last one. I would love any of these!!

    1. That's exactly what happened to me. I tried to keep it to like 5 so y'all wouldn't get bored... but I couldn't pick!

  3. The library is definitely the most important part of my dream house too! Love your ideas! I need more space! :)

    1. Oh also if I had a castle like yours there would HAVE to be secret passages. I've always wanted a castle with secret passages. And lots of concealed hiding places.

  4. I love all of this. Can I come live with you? lol

    1. As long as you bring BOOKS, definitely. ;)


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